Metroid Samus Returns

I'm pretty sure we've talked about this before it came out on a thread somewhere but I couldn't find it...

This game is pretty great. I bought it a week or so after it came out but shelved it until I could spend some time on it. In between snows this Friday and Saturday I took the kids to Pigeon Forge TN to check out the Christmas shows at Dollywood and Dixie Stampede as well as drive around rural Tennessee in the snow. I live near Asheville so the Victorian Christmas Biltmore does and the Grove Park Inn's gingerbread house competition has gotten a little stale.

Of course, since the weather wasn't great there were limited activities (can't really bungee jump or ride rides in 30 degree temps) so the kids spent a lot of time at the indoor pool and I spent a lot of time with my 3ds.

The game is great. the combat is fluid, and aiming is amazing. The game is difficult but doable without a guide and wholly rewarding when you finally figure out how to reach that one area that's holding you back. My only complaint is how the melee counter feels like it was "shoe horned" in. It was a fantastic idea, and a neat addition, but it's a bit over emphasized. It would have been better if it were more successful in getting you out of a pickle when you land somewhere that was offscreen a little too close to an enemy, instead its a key component in taking down metroids.

There's enough short cuts, teleports, and elevators where going back to get that previously unreachable area is more of a reward and less of a chore. My guess is that I'm about 40% through the game (going solely on how many metroids I've killed) and I'm anxious to continue playing, my only problem is that I'm back home and riddled with responsibilities.

I can't wait to find out what functionality amiibos do for it but as of this writing i'm still refusing to do any research or utilize any advantages untill I can finish the game on my own.
its a must have.

I hear a lot of this "not as great as (insert favorite prime title)" but a lot of those people started with prime. Few of those that have compared it to prime have been into video gaming since the nes and snes metroid releases and while some have sense played these games on an emulator or virtual console there's soemthing about living the magic that was metroid in its infancy. I guess if my first taste of Metroid was a prime title this would feel much different, but for those lovers of grassroots metroid this brings samus back to where she belongs.
Okay you sold me. I loved the NES, SNES, and original gameboy versions. I even liked the Metroid: Other M on the Wii. And really thought it was the best Metroid on the Wii. I never really got into the Prime titles. It was too much a "me too" first person shooter, or that is the way I felt. The SNES version was always my favorite.

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