Microsoft to support the Xbox 360 for 3 more years!

This thing is going to be a dinosaur before it's finally dead!

I'd be happier about it if something decent was coming out for it that I couldn't get on something more powerful. Still lots of great games but the big titles (what few there are) are far superior on the current generation consoles. The PS3 still has one in the pipes I'm waiting for (Tales of Zestiria) but I can't think of a single 360 only game that's coming out to warrant 360's continued support.

I can see it being a great thing for those who don't want to or cant get a current generation console or just want to wait to see if anything great will come out for them (I'm in this category, unless you count wii-u and I personally don't) but I can't justify buying something for the 360 or ps3 that's available for a superior console at the same price, even though it means I'll have to wait to play the game until I have one of the newer consoles.

side note, Its awesome to see new posts from old members! Things have just about come to a stand still here
Eh, look at it this way. You can go to GameStop and find hundreds of games you've missed over the years for around $5 each.

And I agree! I was looking for a good gaming forum like this place, but assumed it was dead. After searching, I decided I would rather put effort into this place than to start somewhere new.
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John owns it now.;u=34101

He has not been active since May 2014 though, so the site really has no active administrator.
Hinesmdc said:
Eh, look at it this way. You can go to GameStop and find hundreds of games you've missed over the years for around $5 each....
I've always tried to figure gamestop out when it comes down to when they clear out a past generation's games. I've managed to catch some really good buys on gamecube, ps2, and more recently DS games but a lot of times I wait too long hoping for one of their buy 2 get one free type of sales and wind up with underwater basket-weaving for the wii or sneak king (ha) or some junk like that that's left. I've been steadily buying up with RPGs I can on the 360, ps3, psp, etc. because those seem to always be the ones that increase in value. Some are still pretty expensive but the truly awesome ones that a lot of people missed (Blue Dragon anyone?) are super cheap.
I've often seen Blue Dragon. It's been about $10 for the past few years. Unfortunately, I'm not a huge turn based RPG fan so I haven't been very willing to pick it up. The main thing that discourages me from buying games in that genre is the difficulty, mainly. Is it terribly hard?
It's not very difficult at all. I'll admit, if you're not an RPG fan then it's not really worth the purchase but it's a great game and there's three discs to it so it's insanely long. Another great game I see at game stop for cheap for the 360 that a lot of people missed was Crackdown. The preordered ones got halo 3 beta access so I bought it for that but the game turned out to be awesome. Its a bit short but the game is great and coop play was it's crowning jewel but for the < $10 its good for at least 12 - 15 hours and longer if you decide to explore everything.
It wasn't as good as the first game. Something about changing developers, game seemed rushed, nothing new, and one of the main forces behind the first one wasn't involved in the second. If you really liked the first one it'd be worth buying but I wouldn't make a trip to the store just to pick it up...


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Outside of Halo: Reach (the main reason I bought the 360), it is probably seeing more use lately than it has since I bought it. I do not know if games are still being developed for 360, but the retail store supply has not completely dried at this point.

I imagine the coming 2017 holiday season might be the last time to really stock up on 360 games though.
I agree. I'd imagine supply will be dry fairly soon. Xbox 360 games were all but stopped being made last year, and according to IGN there's only a few still slated for release (most say TBD so several could be scrapped). I'd say this will be the last year anything is made for it, meaning clearances will be forthcoming and if past systems have taught us anything those last few released games can often times be worth something just because few will be produced.

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