Microsoft to support the Xbox 360 for 3 more years!

Feb 2007
Kentucky, US
I only ended up with a 360 due to discovering all the bullet-hell shooters that have been produced for it. And I just purchased a kinect last weekend, $18 at a local gameXchange. My wife and I are using it for Zumba. I have been looking at what kinect games might be worth picking up. I like the river rapids in the Kinect Adventures. I got Joy Ride but haven't had time to put it in.

Love those closeout prices. Games are starting to show up in our local Goodwill, $2.99 each.
Jul 2004
I just got another 5 or 6 AAA games at a yardsale today for 2 each, plus two Kinect games at 1 each. Nothing noteworthy just some complete games I didn't have yet.

I must say, this is my favorite point in a system's life. Games are still fairly cheap on the secondary market and pretty much flooded everywhere.


Forum Staff
Jun 2004
I finished The Force Unleashed II today. I thought the gameplay was great, better than the first game. As many have said, it is a fairly short game. The additional content for Endor sounded good, until I saw that it was at additional cost.

I am partially tempted to sign up for Gold for the rest of the year just to download the few Games for Gold free downloads every month. I might as well fill the hard drive while games are still available for the system!