Sega Genesis Mini-Review: The Sega FIRECORE (Genesis clone) by Retro-bit

Jan 2005
Waco, TX
Ladies and Gentlemen, today we have found the 8th WONDER OF THE WORLD!!

The world's SMALLEST Sega Genesis console ever created! Even smaller than the Genesis 3! It's a marvel of technological genius!

It was licensed by Sega. Includes 20 built in games, a PAL/NTSC switch on the back for European/Australian or Japanese/North American games, Two 6 button controllers, and instructions.

Yowza, Yowza! See the tiniest wonder of the world compared to the elder sisters of Sega Genesis!

Controller design is a blend between the official 6 button pad with the D-Pad borrowed from the late Majesco controllers from 1998.

Lovely list of the same 20 games found in the GenMobile

PROS: Tiny, adorable, and fits anywhere. Play a variety of games. Has two plastic ends to prevent damage oddly. It's the cheapest clone on the market, I only paid $22 for this little gem.

CONS: The sound chip is the exact same found in a GenMobile so many games will sound bizarre and out of place. It is incompatible with the same games that Retro Junkie and I have found over the weeks.

However, it's a nice addition to any collector's library. I love these silly clones. :D

Feb 2007
Kentucky, US
I can't help but notice that the images in the review are long gone. :( I have been thinking about picking up this little system. I am sort-of getting a bug for Genesis clone systems. Since Altgames has got a license to sell these Sega systems. I have a lot of questions with no answers concerning the way they treat the Sega games. And I am referring to the SD card slot in the their systems. Is it that Sega does not care anymore? Has somehow the patent or copy rights expired? Odd and awkward situation especially since they are being sold at my local Walgreens. Those Walgreen Pirates! :lol Strange indeed.