Mischief Makers.... is it good?


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May 2004
I have never played this N64 game... I have heard a few people so that it is a good one.

Can anyone confirm this? Why is it a good game?

please describe it :)

post up your comments..etc

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The game simply rox. It was one of the first few games I ever bought for my N64 when it was first launched. It is a 2d puzzle side-scrolling game with 3d elements. I actually would like to play the game again, but I have too many other expenses.


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May 2004
Spartikcus said:
It really is a great game, kind of reminded me of Donkey Kong Country in how the characters were rendered to look 3d.
The game is a lot of fun.
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:) Mischief Makers is a really awesome! & fun! game
to play on the N64. But sadly i don't have N64 console
anymore, Just only Mischief Makers & Castlevania 64 which
i am keeping them with me because it's very hard to find
them in a used outlet like EB.Games. :)

I love playing Mischief Makers because it's great classic to own. :lol ;)
OMG Mischief makers is one of the classics. I mean, imagine if Mega Man were a girl, and instead of getting weapons to fire at evil robots, he grabbed and shook them all while saying the extremely cute line of "SHAKE SHAKE" One boss battle in paticulat has a boss throwing bad words at you like "Hate" "Rage" "Blood" and you grab the words, and by shaking them they turn into stuff like "Happy" "Cure" "Kindness" and then you throw them back and it deals MASSIVE DAMAGE.

One of my favorite childhood memories for N64
I got the PAL version of this game but I no longer have a PAL N64.

I remember it to be mind blowing and unbelievably good. NOW I WANNA PLAY IT AGAIN. "drool" :'(