My creative birthday gift

Feb 2012
I received a birthday gift from my girlfriend,you never know what it is .it is a Ashtray that when you place your cigarette into the trough, it starts coughing and screaming as if the cigarette is lighted up in a real lung!

What can i say?yes, it is a good present,everytime I smoke,it sound like I will I have quit smoking.what a funny experience!

Jan 2010
Northern AL
Both of my parents were heavy smokers. I live with my grandfather now, and he's a heavy smoker too, but at least it's only one person here. I have asthma, so it really blows...
Feb 2012
Many people really like smoking,it makes us feel ease.but on the other hand,it really hurts our if you want to live longer.just quit.
Hmm, this thread kinda got....odd. I don't know whether I need a ten foot pole er not, so I guess I will go with not. My sis smoked (and might still for all I know), and she could not quit easily, becuz her friends all smoked around her. But it was healthier then some of the other stuff she was involved in so...

My husband and I don't smoke, and thankfully my parents don't either and my other four siblings don't.

I can't recall what u do for a job, Grindspine, but it keeps making me think of Mayim Bailiks character in Big Bang Theory since she is always chopping up brains and stuff lol. I def would suck at anytime of body organs job. I always hated gutting animals with my hands, tho it is worse if they are warm. Eeeewww. Glad I can get meat straight from the store now.