My poetry and songs

Apr 2006
OK, so I am not really expecting a bunch of gamers to be into reading poetry. Ha.

But I like to write poems and songs and if I put the stuff all here, then I can give friends a link to this page and all.

Anyhow, you are welcome to read my stuff, although some of it is cheesy, and might not have the right number of syllables etc. But I mainly write the stuff as a way of dealing with stuff and expressing myself, etc. so I am not really too concerned about whether or not it is good. Ha.

So, anyways, well, I guess that is all I have to say on that.
Apr 2006

I live in a cardboard box, so perfect and clean.

But I'm peekin' out now, I'm taking a see what can be seen.

I'ts tiny, it's squishy...

When it rains...the floor's mushy..

And I've lived in a box for so long,

That stepping out has always felt wrong.

My box has four walls, they feel safe but not strong,
And I know them by touch...'cuz I've been here so long.

But now my head's popping out,

And I've been looking about...

I felt safe, secure, protected and sound,

And now, suddenly, I'm trapped with the world all around.

My home is a cage...a nice little box with walls that are thin.

And I'm knocking down my friends can get in.

I want to step out and put my feet on the ground.

The walls slightly bend, and so the harder I'll pound...

Doesn't anyone hear me? How I want to get out!!

I'm screaming so loudly, can't you hear me shout?

But I've been here so long, that I don't know how to do it.

I created a hole, but I just can't step through it.

I'm living in my box, where I've been molded and made....

And I'm not sure if it's worth..the high price that I've paid.

My box is little and square,

I can't breath the fresh air.

I want to open my heart and to see with my eyes...

I'm stuck in my box, took time to realize.

But I'm peeking out now, and looking at you.

I've created this hole, won't you help me crawl through.

Cuz I just wanna get out of the box now......

Is it too late to come out of the box......

(by Mrs. Enigma)
Apr 2006
"THE CHANGE" ---written by Mrs. Enigma

Where do I go from here?
And who shall I become?
Answers to me questions,
Wish you'd give me some.

I thought I was judge and jury,
Thought I knew it all and more.
Here I am, down on my knees,
Can't lift my face up from the floor.

Back where I belong,
Thanks for breaking me apart.
Down in the dirt,
Thanks for taking me back to the start.

All are broken, all are lost,
And all are sad besides.
Beneath a Rock, that I 'ore turned,
Underneath some Rock the answer lies.

I have faith, and I believe.
The greatest gift of all is grace.
And so, I bestow, unto them,
All who find it to this place.

And I'll forgive,
I'll let them in to sup.
All because of you, my Master,
You drank the bitter cup.

And who am I but patience?
And who am I but love?
You gave the gift of mercy,
So that I may rise above.

I'm just a human, Master,
I stumble and I fail.
May I reach out to others,
Drifting without a sail.

I'm unsure and can't remember,
I don't know what I've become.
But if a soul needs mercy,
May I be the one to give them some.

"FOREVER" by Mrs. Enigma

Forever...I'll belong to the wind.
Forever...I'll belong to the forests of old.
Forever...I'll be a breath of fresh air.
Forever...I'll ride on the storms, catch clouds in the cold.

Sparkling diamonds,
The ocean calls my name.
Crystals in the heavens,
The starlight does the same.

Warm firelight flickers,
I am there in the night.
Raindrops are falling softly,
It all feels so right.

Forever...I'll belong to the wind.
Forever...I'll belong to the forests of old.
Forever...I'll be a breath of fresh air.
Forever...I'll ride on the storms, catch clouds in the cold.

Gentle breeze,
My name I hear.
Shimmering moon,
I feel no fear.

Bells ringing,
I've got to go.
Angels singing,
But I want you to know....

Forever...I'll belong to the wind.
Forever...I'll belong to the forests of old.
Forever...I'll be a breath of fresh air.
Forever...I'll ride on the storms, catch clouds in the cold.


"THE REAL WORLD" by Mrs. Enigma

I live in the real world,
I have my eyes wide open.
I'm aware of my surroundings,
Hear every word that's spoken.

I don't want a fantasy,
I only want what's true.
And if it's hard and painful,
Then that will have to do.

I want to see things for what they are,
Nothing more, and nothing less.
And when I become aware,
I do not want to curse, I want to bless.

I want to know the whole truth,
I want to be alive.
I want to forgive,
It's the way that I survive.
Apr 2006
"MOMMA'S LOVE" by Mrs. Enigma (this is kinda a song and has a tune in my head)

[Momma, what could I say,
To make it all OK.?

Momma, how could I get past this rejection?
Momma, how could I obtain your affection?

Momma, who could I be,
To make you proud of me?]

And I tried to follow every little rule in the book,
And I was so hoping, that you'd take a look.

That maybe you'd be, a little proud of me.
That I could hold my head up, cuz my Momma loves me.

But alas, that was all a fantasy,
Guess your love was never meant to least not for me..

[ Momma, what could I say,
To make it all OK.?

Momma, how could I get past this rejection?
Momma, how could I obtain your affection?

Momma, who could I be,
To make you proud of me?]

And I really tried so hard to be good,
To be everything, the perfect daughter should.

Momma, look in my eyes, see how I'm hurtin' inside.
Momma, look at all this pain, all this fear that I hide.

Couldn't you grant me, just a little love and grace.
Won't you meet my eyes...say you're proud to my face.

[ Mommy, what could I say,
To make it all OK.?

Mommy, how could I get past this rejection?
Mommy, how could I obtain your affection?

Mommy, who could I be,
To make you proud of me?]

Momma, I've been patient, and Momma, I've been kind.
I kept my mouth shut tightly, and never spoke my mind.

Couldn't you let me in, to be part of the family?
Couldn't you accept me...for who I was meant to be?

What am I worth..if I can not please you?
I'm hurtin' so bad, and I just can't get through!

[ Mommy, what could I say,
To make it all OK.?

Mommy, how could I get past this rejection?
Mommy, how could I obtain your affection?

Mommy, who could I be,
To make you proud of me?]

"THE FROGGY" by Mrs. Enigma

"An innocent little froggy,
And he makes me feel happy inside.

I hold a froggy in my hand,
And forget for a the world is wide.

Green, sweet little creature,
Pure..and full of goodwill.

Going about your business,
Your purpose fulfill.

And I stop for a moment to ponder,
Your skin, and your wee little feet.

Hiding deep in the forest,
Escaping the afternoon heat.

An innocent little froggy,
How I want to be like you!

Cute and pure and wholesome,
Not one wicked thing you do."
Apr 2006
So, how come you are reading this?
Isn't there some show you'll miss?

Aren't you wasting precious time,
Your life expending on this rhyme?

Don't you have something better to do,
Play a game, have a little wine too?

You could be reading a book right now,
Learning french, or how to milk a cow.....

Your friends and family could be recieving your attention,
Tons of work you could be doing, that I won't even begin to mention...

But here you are, glued to your screen,
Spending brain cells, what will you glean?

Now you've read it. What did you find?
Too late now, to change your mind.....

-Mrs. Enigma



A shadow in a mirror, a haunting memory,
Handfulls of sea shells, fill my history.

I look up to somewhere,
Then back down to nowhere.

Tireless persistence, the wind at my back,
Pushing me to the edge, a rusted railroad track.

Where to go from here?
Is there someone near?

Impossibilities, and endless outcomes,
Begging is beneath me, no more asking for crumbs.

I can do it...
Get right to it...

The sun will rise upon the horizon once again,
So, I must keep on moving, toiling, striving, until then.

-Mrs. Enigma
Apr 2006

So broken and undone, you cover up your face,
Lost, so alone and vulnerable in this place.

And I wait, with open arms for you,
My sister, my friend, love so true.

You turn and hang your head, reject my smile,
Will you hate me forever, or just this while.

I'm always waiting to hold your hand,
Life's journey is hard, together we could stand.

My sister, so angry, so lost in the rage,
The needle only temporarily erases the cage.

Look deep into my eyes and open up your heart,
It hurts to walk alone, but we don't have to part.

You choose to self-destruct before my very eyes,
To bury up yourself in your petty lies.

You're yelling to my face, but I see through,
You're all alone, not one friend who's true.

My sister, take my love with you,
There's no telling what this rage will do.

Let me be your friend, I can understand,
My sister, why do you reject my offered hand?

-Mrs. Enigma



My castle is ruled by a king,
Who deserves the verses I sing.

Compassionate, kind, yet powerful,
I have given over full control.

My castle is warm and defended,
The battles inside have all ended.

For my king, I will be worthy and true,
"My master, what would you have me to do?"

And every act of submission knows,
It is the way the king's strength grows.

His power, I can feel from afar,
And I shall be his shining star.

Perfect shall be our love and harmony,
To belong to him, has always been my destiny.

This is the man who will forvever rule,
My heart is his. I am his tool.

So calm and collected, he comes for me,
His will is strong, I wait longingly.

My king! So much love for thee.
Come in your might! Come swiftly!

My castle is ruled by a king,
With his praise, let all the mountains ring!

-Mrs. Enigma
Apr 2006

You see inside my heart,
You live inside my brain...
You read my every thought,
You know my deepest pain.

I do not know you're reading,
I haven't met you yet.....
But you know me so completely,
All through the internet.

My life is all revealed,
Layed open and layed bare,
You can leaf through every page,
And I won't really care.

It's like a book,
It's parts of me.
I give them out
for all to see.

It's like a book,
the life of me,
I give them out,
It's all for free.

So, come on in, and have a look
Get to know me in this way,
Only half a friendship,
But, really, that's OK.

-Mrs. Enigma


Human Touch...It means so much....

So long ago, a little child, when touch was always free...
And then you grow, and then you know, that human touch will flee.

It's awkward now, and hard to get..
You flinch, and still you want it yet...

To be a little child, an adult could always hold,
To ask for love, to get a hug, to ask, and feel so bold.

And now it seems, your parents stand, and wave from yonder door,
To have the touch, that you so need, is harder then before.

Hungry for a pat or rub, platonic, freely given,
So empty without touch, in the cold where you are livin'.

They pull away, they stand afar- words their only caress,
Your need so strong, but without the way to ever fully express.

They do not know, you cry inside- to feel their very touch,
No way to ever get it, the thing you want so much.......

-Mrs. Enigma


I can see inside you, I know how you feel.
I can look right through you, You don't have nerves of steel.

Your armor I can pierce, with my very gaze.
I know all your thoughts, and I know all your ways.

You still have your guard up, you still fear rejection,
You do not know that I have, already granted my affection.

The things you need to say, are things I need to hear,
A friend without judgement, just a listening ear.

-Mrs. Enigma



Life is hard-
It's in my yard-
(I'll leave it there for now)
But you should know-
That I will row-
(For life is but a dream)

-Mrs. Enigma
Apr 2006
"American's Liberty"

Waugaton in his little canoe,
Paddling swiftly, the river blue....

Once there were sisters, brothers,
Uncles, cousins, fathers, mothers...

Now, he alone in his little canoe,
Paddling swiftly, the river blue...

White men, small brain, no heart, came
Demanded that, to which they had no claim...

Crying bitterly, in his little canoe,
Tears mingling with the river blue....

Big bullies with guns, and full of greed,
Plucking lives, viewed as a despicable weed..

Waugaton, alone, in his little canoe,
Alone, so alone, on the river blue....

Men from afar, took what they could never repay,
Called it freedom, their right, the American Way...

Waugaton, in his little canoe,
Heartbroken, losing his river blue.

-Mrs. Enigma

" Little eyes look up to me, and call me beautiful.
Little hands reach out to stroke my hair, as they've seen Daddy do.

Little minds believe my words, and trust implicently.
Little hearts can see my own, my feelings they see too.

Little feet will follow, where 'ere I chance to lead.
Little heads lay trustingly on my lap to sleep.

Little people whole-heartedly believe in me,
That I can cross the mountain high, and brave the river deep.

Little children who are but small mirrors of me.
Little people who shall some day, one day, rule this earth.

Little shadows of my values and ideals.
Little people, who shall never forget the one who gave them birth."

-Mrs. Enigma
Apr 2006
There. That was tons of em! I have more, but that should be quite over-whelming enough for now. Ha.

(Just a note on the indian poem...I know it refers to white men-small brain...but I am white and I like white people a lot, so it is just a poem so don't get all freaked out about that. It is like poetic liberty, or whatever.)
Apr 2006
Here is another one. I am not sure if it is ok for here, but I think it is...but the mods can delete it if they think it is weird or whatever (cuz I know they like deleting things! Ha.)

"INSIDE MY HEAD" by Mrs. Enigma

Can Mallory come out to play?
No, I keep her tucked away.

And Arwen and Eowyn, I let them be,
I embrace them, cuz they are parts of me.

And every thought inside your head, I think it.
And when I hear the song, I want to drink it.

But I put Mallory under lock and key,
Keep her there, where noone else can see.

When I hear the music, I start to feed,
And she revives, and I feel the need.

But I know I gotta put her down,
Like a dog, a part of me I try to drown.

And everything that you've felt, I feel it too.
This feeling inside... is really nothing new.

How come I can't just be Arwen and feel full?
Why is Mallory always there, with her constant pull?

I feel her breaking loose,
And so, I go to tighten up the noose.

Mallory, constantly living there,
Demanding rights, wanting her share.

Who am I? What am I supposed to be?
What is this thing inside of me?

And so...sometimes you'll find me feeding there,
Drunk on the music, giving her...her share.
Apr 2006
Here is my most recent poem...well, actually it does not rhyme at all, so it is more just a poetic piece of unrhyming something...

" The pain that cuts like a knife,
and you are so sick that you want to die.

You paste a smile on your face and call it "happy",
But inside, all you ever do is cry.

In the mirror, all you see are memories,
And it angers you that now is not then.

If something you could do could only ease all the hurt...

If you didn't feel like a shell,
All empty and busted inside.

There is so much you are hiding,
So much you won't tell.

They all turn their backs on you,
Aren't to be trusted..not ever again..with your heart.

It is like being shot in the chest, and having to pretend,
That you are still the same as you were yesterday.

The it ever going to feel alright?
....ever again??

Should you just give up,
And shut you heart up tight?

You'll never drop your guard again...
Cuz humans aren't to be trusted.

They are ravenous wolves,
.....and you're being hunted.

And you can't let anybody see who you are anymore.

What sugar could sweeten the drink you have tasted?

What can you break, to make it all feel better?

All that you need, so out of reach....

But the pain prevents you from taking the leap.

And she is the one you see in your sleep,
And you hate her because she did what she did.

Left you empty and hollow...just a shell of a man.

You trusted, but never again.

No woman shall ever make you lower your shields,
You'll die by yourself..broken and wasted.

It's your made it...
But are you sure? Are you sure you can take it?

By Mrs. Enigma
Apr 2006
And here is a goofy poem.

"AM I FREAKY YET?" by Mrs. Enigma

Am I freaky yet?
Am I as wierd as they get?

Am I suffocating?
Feel like you're my presence.

Am I kind of spooky?
Do I come off cooky?

Have you ever met anyone like me before?
Do I make you feel like locking the door?

Do I see right through you?
Are you afraid I might fool you?

Does it make you uncomfortable?
That I seem to have complete control?

Do I make you shiver and shake?
Do you feel your knees start to quake?

Am I creeping you out yet?
Am I as odd as they get?

Do you wanna turn on more lights?
..afraid of the frights!

Do you feel like I'm the one who has the wheel?
Is what you are percieving even real??

Am I freaky yet?
Apr 2006
rossdh said:
Wow, so many. I'm going to bookmark this thread.
Ha, ya, I write a lot of them..sometimes for fun, sometimes to deal with stuff.

You don't have to read them all. I don't really like reading poetry very much myself...I just like to write it.
Apr 2006
"MY DOGGY BOWL" by Mrs. Enigma

Dive deeper, deeper, deeper,
as deep as I can be.

When I come up for air,
Can you tell me what I'll see?

Down, down I go,
Without a thought, without a care.

Who will I be?
When I come up for air?

I don't know me, do you?
Cuz I'm not sure what I am...

Am I for real,
Or just a pretty sham?

I touch my face,
Don't know this face.

And I can't seem to recognize this thing,
this place.

I reach up and feel my halo,
and try to relax my grip.

I feel like I'm falling,
I feel myself slip.

My mind inside my head,
And I just lost control.

Lapping up the water,
My head's in the doggy's bowl.

And I look up and feel for my halo,
But it's not there.

And all I feel....
I just feel my hair.

Am I real now?
Am I like you?

Am I destroyed?
Or have I been made new?

And I look in the mirror,
And wonder who I see.

I wonder who she is....
Wonder if that's me?

And I put my head back in the dish,
And immerse my face.

And you know, it's not bad,
I kinda like it in this place.

"LITTLE ANGEL" by Mrs. Enigma

I want to be an angel, want to grow myself some wings...
And I'm 'Miss Goodie-Two-Shoes', can you hear her when she sings?

That is bad, but this is good. That is wrong, but this is right.
I'm a child of the day, who truly fears the night.

And I sparkle and I glow, my face radiates....
And I'm full of love, making up for all their 'hates'.

And I'm good , and I'm pure. Never been any place I shouldn't go.
And I'm nice and I'm clean...My heart's as pure as snow.

And I'm afraid of the big bad world, cuz I've never really been there.
And I just don't know what goes on behind your stare.

Cuz I'm like a little angel, sprinkle pixie dust as I go..
And "white" is the only color that I recognize and know.

And it's hard and it's lonely..up here in the sky,
I want to come down, but I'm too scared to try.
Apr 2006
OPEN by Mrs. Enigma

Can I please come in?
Won't you open up the door?

I'll live on table scraps,
And sleep upon your floor.

And my heart beats double time,
I stand here waiting at the door.

I'm asking with my own voice,
And you know I've never asked before.

If I was just a baby,
Then you'd rock me fast asleep.

You'd tell me every secret
And you know I'd never peep.

I would stay however long you want,
I only want to give something.

Open up yourself to me,
Let me hide beneath your wing.

RAIN DATE by Mrs. Enigma

I lay here in the shadows,
Listening to the rain.

The thunder crashes,
Wonder if I'm still sane?

Watching raindrops,
Crashing against the glass.

My window in my room,
And the minutes ticking pass.

Life goes on,
Not making sense anymore.

My clothes are lying,
All crumpled on the floor.

I put my fingers up,
And touch my face.

I've dropped out,
Not in the race.

And I breathe,
The air goes into my chest.

This is what's left,
When you missed the best.

And I close my eyes,
Shutting out the night.

I relented, resigned,
gave up the fight.

So this is my life,
What it's going to be.

Open up my eyes,
So I can see.

I collapse,
Onto my bedroom floor.

I don't resist,
I can still handle more.

If that's how long it will take.

This is my life,
Wonder what I can still make?
Apr 2006
FEAR by Mrs. Enigma

I start to put my shields up, get my armor all in place.
I attatch the mask, the thing that is my face.

I'm scared, and so I build, defenses against you.
Afraid of what you're thinking, afraid of what you'll do.

And I don't need anyone, I'm better off alone.
My heart has got to be stronger, I'll turn my heart to stone.

And there are things deep inside, that I wish that I could say.
But I am terrified to say them, cuz they take my shields away.

With my armor on, I feel so lonely now.
I wish that I could trust, but I just don't know how.

Don't want to be a fool, defenseless and weak.
Can never let my self have, the very thing I seek.

I wait on your next move, whether shields stay or fall.
I hide in my closet waiting, deep behind the wall.

ZAXALON by Mrs. Enigma

Everybody wants to be my friend, on planet Zaxalon.
There's pizza there, to feast upon,

(I love to go to Zaxalon)

Every pet comes to play with me.
And every video game is always free.

(I love to go to Zaxalon)

And noone ever lies or hates.
And all the lines- they have no waits.

(I love to go to Zaxalon)

The air up there is good to breathe.
I can wear my heart upon my sleeve.

(I love to go to Zaxalon)

Everybody is so nice, they care.
It's so good, so very kind up there.

(I love to go to Zaxalon)

Upon my pillow, I close my eyes and drift away.
My shields come down, the armor off, what can I say?

(I love to go to Zaxalon)

I love to go and spend the day.
And all my troubles float away.

(I love to go to Zaxalon)