My poetry and songs

Apr 2006
SOMEWHERE by Mrs. Enigma

If you go somewhere I can not go,
And climb mountains I can not climb.

If you go somewhere I can not go,
And leave me far behind.

They say that loves unstoppable,
They say that love is blind.

They say that love's enduring,
Well, can you read my mind?

My heart it still will follow,
No matter where you go.

My soul it still will feel this way,
I think that you should know.

Always in my heart and prayers,
And in my mind's eye too.

Always I reserve a place,
A special spot for you.

It does not matter what life brings,
Or how far away you go.

Forever I still hold you close,
Center stage in my own show.

Your life it sparkles brightly,
I will not loose that gleam.

I will hold on tightly,
always when I dream.

I DREW A MAP by Mrs. Enigma

And I drew a map, I told it all.
I said, "Here's where to kick me if you want me to fall.

Here's the spots you must punch, if you want me to die.
Here's the places to hit if you want me to cry.

If you are going to hurt someone, then, please, make it me.
Let's just spare the rest of all humanity.

If you're needing to stab, here I am in your path, waiting patiently.
If you're needing to injure, Come on, make it me.

I'm not gonna run, I'll let you take me down today.
I'll take the insults, swallow all those words you say.

I won't fight back, and I'l still let you see,
Every spot's bare, where you can injure me.

So, come and attack, bring all you've got.
Stab me again, cuz I can take it a lot.

Doesn't matter if it hurts, doesn't matter life's not fair.
Here's the map, all the places to hurt me are written there.
Apr 2006
LOVE by Mrs. Enigma

Love cleans up the child, and wipes the stench away.
Love rocks the wailing baby, makes everything ok.

Love does not care about looks, such a superficial thing.
Love wants to cuddle, and love wants to sing.

Love plays silly little games, just to see a smile.
Love will wait forever, walk the extra mile.

Love is there with medicine, in the middle of the night.
Love reads stories over, makes things feel just right.

Love reaches out and touches, and gives another kiss.
Love cheers on every hit, and forgives every miss.

Love always thinks the world of you, just because you were born.
Love keeps on loving just the same, when you are broken and torn.

Love doesn't need to be impressed, you needn't be a king.
Love accepts and wants, it's not changed by anything.

Love is an aching, pounding joy, deep within your chest.
Love wants the best for someone else, a place where they can rest.

Love holds on tightly, when others would let go.
That's the way you can tell, the way that you can know.

PUMPING YOU OUT by Mrs. Enigma

They're pumping my stomach, pumping you out of me.
And I am resisting, I'm fighting them constantly.

They make me vomit, it's everywhere, all over the floor.
But I won't spit you out, I'll make a break for the door.

I'm holding you in, convulsing on my way down the hall.
I've got a little inside, and I want it all.

They drag me back to the bed, and attatch all their equipment.
But still they can't see, the direction in which I'm bent.

My mouth, with both my hands, covering, sputtering.
I'm trembling, ya, I'm shuddering.

They pry my fingers slowly away.
But I don't like their game, and I'm not gonna play.

I scream and I kick.
Ya, they're making me sick.

I punch and I claw.
They try to lay down the law.

But I'm plugging my ears, I'm not listening.
The spittle on my chin, ya, it's glistening.

My clothing just tore.
I bolt again for the door.

I'm keeping you inside.
I've gotta find some place I can hide.

Here I go, I fall to the floor.
Shaking violently, now I fight them some more.

Back up, and I'm running, not gonna take more abuse.
My stomach it's aching, think from overuse.

Dragged back to the bed, and they're pumping, pumping you outta me.
But I AM you inside, that's what they can't see.

My stomach, I feel it, being turned inside out.
They're loosing me now, and I'm flipping out.
Apr 2006
Homicidal Cherry53 said:
Idk, I'm used to you just being crazy and funny and these poems are deep n stuff.
Oh, well maybe the reason I am crazy and funny is because I am I need to be crazy and funny most of the time?
Apr 2006
Homicidal Cherry53 said:
Now I feel like I've offended you. :-\ I'll just hurt my brain some more and I'll hopefully forget it...
No, no!You did not offend me. I was just playing. I was being my goofy dorky self, not my deep self. lol

I don't really want your brain to hurt! I was just playing, man! Sorry, for confusing you like that.
Apr 2006

Window to a soul, stained glass of face,
Underneath the skin, inside a secret place.

Touched by time, hidden deep,
Wrapped in bandages that weep.

Life's cold blow, gouging holes inside a heart,
A path for feet, no place to start.

Shattered fantasy, question all that's there,
Memories of something, twisted and unfair.

Magic passes by, but never lands,
Waiting, yearning, standing there with outstretched hands....
Apr 2006

A broken mood ring, lying there alone,
I think the phone is ringing, inside my heart is stone.

The door is open, and the wind begins to blow,
I reach for the reciever, but my hand is slow.

Silent, the room is quiet once more,
I move quietly across the floor.

Too late to answer anything, too late to care,
Past the point of reasoning, and nothing left to share.

An hour passes, and then two,
I dial the number, I'm calling you.

Ringing, ringing, and the answering machine starts to play,
No, I'm not alright. No, I'm not OK.
Apr 2006

Tiny sparks, only felt by you,
Wishing someone else could feel them too.

Bits of life, wound up in balls of light,
Tightly tying strings with all your might.

Glimmering flames, growing deep within,
Patience giving out, the waiting wearing thin.

Flicker os something, beneath the outward shell,
Trying to prepare yourself for living hell.

The brightness can fade, fly away...
How to catch it? Make it stay.
Apr 2006

And that memory is good, and that memory is dead,
Al broken up and swollen, someplace within my head.

It's just pices...I'm still living in the past,
Hanging on so tightl, sure thought that it wouls last.

And now I feel so dizzy. It's like my head is spinning,
And I don't like going all the way back to the beginning.

Every single memory, I cling to them all,
And now, here I go, I'm not gonna stop this fall.

Tumbling down, shredded, faded and broken,
My throat hurts..Can't swallow while I'm chokin'.

I'm just trying to think, to be alive again,
To be whole, and I just wonder when....