My Reproduction Chrono Trigger Naked & Exposed!!

Feb 2007
Kentucky, US
I purchased a Super Famicom Chrono Trigger $4.99 free shipping and purchased a reproduction Chrono Trigger cart for $15 free shipping. I just cannot afford the real thing. A $100 plus for an SNES version, loose cart. That is a bit much for me to peel off out of pocket. So I went repo. But what I got in the reproduction I find very disturbing. :mad:
This is the real Chrono PC Board by Nintendo.

This what I expect to find when looking at a Nintendo board. There will always be a chip that says Nintendo.

It looks like that battery is turning a little after 26 years.

Here is the reproduction cart PC Board. Chips are smaller than the repo Earth Bound board.

Here is something I thought was great. The battery is designed to enable you to change it out. Nice plus.

And now for the disturbing part of this reproduction cart. The outward plastic shell is an exact copy of a Nintendo original!

I have been seeing a lot of reproduction carts that have started popping up on ebay with some high prices. Some have noted in the auction that they are reproduction carts. I have seen a few auctions that did not reveal that but I could tell from the provided photo that it was repo just by looking at the cart. This cart I have here, you would need to take it apart before you could tell. The plastic shell is really high quality. Exact Nintendo plastic shell quality! I would not want to spend over $100 for a game and find out it was a reproduction. That would burn me the wrong way. I really don't want to shell out any more than I have here for a reproduction game. The closer to the real price pushes me to get the real thing.
Jul 2004
yeah, I've shied away from reproduction in general since the high price but where ever you're buying from has them cheap enough to.

Have you seen the mega drive carts? They're super cheap, even on eBay, I'm just scared since they're coming straight from china.
Feb 2007
Kentucky, US
I know this is going to sound strange, but anything that looks clean and new I am suspicious about. It must look used with maybe blockbuster stickers on it. :lol I have been getting my reproductions at Aliexpress. Just type in the search "Nintendo" or "Sega." So far, all the Nintendo reproduction games have been chips on a PC board. Any Mega Drive/Genesis carts have always been glops on a PC board, whether it be ebay or Aliexpress.

This is the extent of my Sega reproduction games. The Musha, Eliminate Down, & Gley Lancer I purchased just the PC boards from someone over ebay for like $15 a piece. This was back before I knew of Aliexpress. I placed them in original Sega carts. They were games that were dead and did not work. Got them real cheap over ebay, something like $2 free shipping. I then got some reproduction labels and they look and feel good. The Cotton game I got from Aliexpress for the same price because of the case. They normally are around $5 loose cart.

The thing about the reproduction cart is that, it is, for some reason, taller than the originals. The board is only a third of the height. This makes the cart not fit the case very well. The case seems to be authentic in the size because an original fits perfect. The reproduction cart is held together by plastic tabs. I have been thinking of looking for a cheap sports Genny game and a reproduction label for Cotton. Games work perfect.