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Feb 2007
Kentucky, US
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:lol Just had to do that. Mega actually single handedly keep this area alive when he was around.

I had considered reviving an old thread, and had not thought about making a new one. But it is the last day of 2011, so I told myself, do it.

Believe it or not, I did not start my gaming life with an 8-bit console. I was busy during those years getting married, etc, etc, etc. My first console was a Sega Genesis that I brought home from a local Walmart, had to be 1989. It was used to wean me off of my Commodore 128. That was difficult because my daughter was seven years old, at the time, and we had regular sessions of Bubble Bobble on the Commodore. The Genesis holds a special place in my gaming career, umm, life. The SNES was not yet released and I had not even noticed the NES. I think it was the attitude and the games of the system that attracted me and held my attention. Even after the SNES hit the shelves, ended up with one, the Genesis was still there holding my attention(32X and CD attachment short lived). (Had a Sega Master System at one point, wished I had not let that one go) Turbo Graxf 16 was in here somewhere, and still is. Had to have the Sega Nomad. Then it was the (Jaguar fell in here somewhere out of a bargain bin) Saturn, PlayStation One, Dreamcast, N64, PlayStation 2, Game Cube, and finally an NES. The Neo Geo CD falls in here at this point and finally ended up with a Wii at the first of this year. Still.... through all of this, the Sega Genesis has always been that thread woven through all of my gaming exploits. It has emerged this year as a contender with the Neo Geo CD and the Turbo Grafx 16 in taking my gaming time. I haven't even mentioned portables, but they are there in the middle of all this struggle for dominance. The Genny still holds its own against the modern stuff in my gaming time, and it seems, it will always be there and has its place. Retro gaming has its guilty pleasures and the Genny is one of them. I know the VC is out there, I just do not have the net connection to support it on my Wii. But my advantage is that I can play games that are not offered. And I can hold the cart in my hands feeling the contours of the shape, the weight, and see the pins of the PCB. And if there is a death, I have something to bury. Many may not understand that, it is a retro thing. A type of retro sickness that seems to be incurable.

I have had a good Christmas break this whole week. Genesis games have been heavy inbetween the Wii games that I received for Christmas. The Genesis, for me, is one of those systems that will not die. It has taken its place among the clone systems, the NES, SNES, and now MD/Genesis, which are like Zombies, or Freddy, or Jason. And I have some of those clone systems and find them interesting. Hmmm.... it may be time for a secession of "zombies ate my neighbors" right now.

I consider this console from a Golden Age of gaming and was so glad to have been a part of that excitement and lived through it. The Genesis still lives in this home and I am still purchasing games! Just got Chase HQ II yesterday.


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Jun 2004
Although I did not own a Genesis, I recall several occasions in my middle school years where I would hang out at a friend's house over night playing Genesis games.

Sonic, Altered Beast, Columns, Mortal Kombat, and even Madden were such awesome games. Very good times with that console!!