Sega Genesis My Sega Reproduction- MUSHA

Feb 2007
Kentucky, US
I just do not have the cash to purchase this game. Collectors have driven the price out of my reach. But I wanted this game so bad. I discovered reproductions, where people somehow would mod a cart and change it into a certain game. This cart I have is not like that. I first purchased the board, it has a glop on it. I then took a dead cart, took it apart, cleaned the shell, stripped it of the label, and pitched the old dead board aside. (I still have it, couldn't bring myself to throw it away) I then purchased the label from someone who makes replacement labels.

My cost was $15 for the board, $3 for the dead game, and $5 for the label. I know it is not the original, but it is still the game. Not sure just how shady this stuff is.
Jul 2004
I completely forgot about this game, and I really can't believe how expensive it is now. I don't know that I would have ever remembered it had you not posted about it, causing me to go to youtube and watch a few vids on it. I instantly remembered the pyramids rolling on tank tracks when I saw that first video. I don't remember it being that great (at least not several hundred dollars great). I'll be keeping an eye out for the game now that I know it's a rarity and would love to add it to my collection but not for that money.