Mythbusters! Blowing in NES Cartridges (GOOD OR BAD?) FIND OUT NOW!

Nice information. I'm planning on doing some restoration soon on some old Genesis cartridges.

In regards to isopropyl alcohol, you want the stuff they sell at electronic stores or computer stores. The ones that are 98% alcohol. Although denatured is just as good.
I know this is way after the fact but I learned today what a wonderful job a magic eraser does on marker and that dingy yellow from carts that'd been heavily smoked around. I now no longer have people's initials all over my Nintendo games!
technically is melamine foam. Mr. Clean and a bevvy of knock-off brands make this sponge shaped foam that you get damp and it cleans like magic. It works wonders on a lot of things, I buy it a lot and use on my doors. They're all white and where everyone's hand touches them over and over again they get layer of dirt that's so hard to scrub off, but with a magic eraser it comes right off. It gets crayon and marker off of walls really well too. It pretty much works on anything that can stand a very mild abrasive and a small amount of water. There's better options for most messes but when you're pulling off grease, pen, crayon, tar, marker, certain paints, there's not a better solution. It's a bad idea to use on labels and really soft plastics since it is an abrasive.
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