Neo Geo CD Neo Geo CD/AES Extension Cords

Hey, all! It's been a little while!

So, ever since I set my CDZ up in the living room of my newest apartment, I have felt more than slightly "inconvenienced" by the absurdly short controller cords. (As in, I had to drag it out to the middle of my room and sit on the floor in front of my sofa every time I wanted to play it :lol)

Enter my search for extension cords.
Sure, there are official SNK-brand extension cords floating around eBay for well in excess of $50. There are even cords made by well-meaning members of the online Neo Geo community which STILL go for $25 or more per cord. I am WAY too much of a tightwad to pay that much for an accessory which I DON'T plan on making the centerpiece of my collection.

There is precious little info online, but it is wholly possible to buy a DB-15 extension cord, as was commonly used in early-late 90's computer peripherals, and "modify" them ever so slightly to fit in the Neo Geo controller port. It took me an exacto, a red sharpie to mark the areas for cutting, and about 30 minutes of my time. The end price? 11 bucks for both control ports, and, I should mention, both work perfectly, adding 6' of length. The shade of black even matches the color of my old-school joystick controllers almost perfectly!

I'm fairly certain that the rules on this site are restrictive of outside links; I will only say that such older computer hardware is readily available on popular auction sites for a beggar's pittance.

If you didn't know, you do now! Happy gaming!
Feb 2007
Kentucky, US
That sounds great. I know that those cords are short, but I never had a problem with them. The RCA plug hookups cords were so long on mine that I could locate the system in the middle of the room while playing. With this advantage the short cords were never an issue with me. I also have an exercise bike that sits low to the floor sort-of in front of the TV and I can play as I ride. When I am on that bike the length of the cord is not a problem at all.

Glad you found a solution. Maybe a how-to is in order. ;D