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Hey all! Can anyone help? I have just bought a Neo Geo system from here: and now need to get my hands on some games. Can any one recommend some good games and where to get them?

Thanks in advance!!

snk was the best at fighters and shooters........ so just about any you see from either category is top notch. Samurai Showdown was my favorite fighter

NAM 1975 was my favorite neo geo game period. Its one of the few that's still fairly reasonably priced. It plays like POW or Operation Wolf but so much better.

Baseball Stars was awesome as well, port on NES was good but the original is King.
You know, the more I think about it Neo never really branched out did they? snk put out tons of quality fighters and shooters and sprinkled in some platformers and a sports game or two but they never seems to stray too far from their normal offerings.
I think it is because they were totally arcade orientated with their games. It was the focus of the company. And their home offerings were basically, if you used their hardware whether it be the CD, AES, or the MVS, it was the same games. And the same hardware. The time period of when arcades were very popular was their heyday. They fizzled there at the end of that gaming era. Was it a decision on their part to not recognize the need to change with the times? Was it too little too late with the plunge into the handheld market? The only time I saw them actually "branch out" was with the Neo Pocket color. A game called Faselei which was a tactical RPG with mecha was a very unusual departure for Neo Geo. And it is a very good game worth picking up. It causes one to wonder just what direction the Pocket color could have taken if Neo Geo hadn't went bankrupt. (Nintendo dominated is another knife in the back) Sega was another company that got a foothold into the video gaming console market due to their arcade to home translations. It was some of their bread & butter for years. But even they, hardware wise, did not last much past the golden age of the arcade years.
Good point, SNK didn't make a lot of games that didn't include burning through lives or continues (or quarters in the arcade). A lot of the games missing from the SNK library are ones that wouldn't work well for driving arcade revenue.

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