Neo Geo CD NeoGeo CD Sound Issues

Hi everyone,

I recently purchased a Japanese NeoGeo CD off eBay. Everything seemed to be fine and it almost is, except I get no sound effects in the games! The games load fine, I can hear the music and sometimes hear the clicking on options screens, but the game sound effects are always missing.

I have also notice the boot screen is silent. After a youtube search I see this should not be the case.

The games I have tried and tested are SuperSidekicks 3, Top Hunter and Aero Fighter 2.

I should probably also note this console had the language mod done to it prior to me getting it.

Any help would be much appreciated, as I really don't know what is wrong????

Thanks in advance

extra info:

The games are in mint conditon and originals

Everything used is official product.

I have tried it with composite AV and RGB scart and it is the same.

Model number is: CD-T01
Thanks for the reply :)

I did suspect it might have had something to do with the mod, but I had no way of being sure. :-(

I was able to return it though, so not all bad.

Hopefully the other one I have just purchased has no such issue as I don't wanna go back to emulators, it just ain;t the same :-\
Hey..that sounds great. Glad things are working out for you. And I hope this next one gives you Neo Geo satisfaction.
And I agree with you about it not being the same. I love the original Neo Geo arcade hardware and games.

I think I might pull mine out this weekend. I always end up with Samurai Shodown 2 or Last Blade 2 after a warmup with a few other games. Those are the two games I usually settle in for the day.
Last Blade 2 is amazing, though I have never played that on actual NeoGeo hardware, it has always on either the Dreamcast or PS2. I must track it down for the NeoCD.

I love the hardware. I love my AES, but the better games are a little out of my reach financially :(

Proper MVS cabinet is next. The Missus is half-convinced...just about anyways. Well, I like to think she is, I'll just spring it on her one day and she'll just have to accpet the fact it now lives in the house with us. :lol

Hope you have a good weekend behaving recklessly with swords :p

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