NES Games with Famicom Adapters

Jul 2004
I didn't know this was a thing until I saw a copy of Gyromite sell for $15.00.... apparently theres a dozen or so 5 screw Nintendo games that the first issues used famicom boards with adapters attached. I've seen copies of Pinball, Excite Bike, and Gyromite that have them go for much higher prices. Their worth has exceeded the adapters value since they're 8 bucks on ebay so I'm assuming its people looking for the rarest version of the game. People have a lot of supposed ways of identifying the cartridges by label color, tabs, pin symmetry, etc. but they vary and can't be trusted. It seems like the added adapter makes the cart weigh about an ounce heavier than the ones with out. so if you have a 3 oz 5 screw cart it doesn't have it, if your 5 screw cart is over 4 oz then you're in luck.
Feb 2007
Kentucky, US
I have often wanted to "happen upon" one of these carts but never have. I have a clone system to play my Famicom games. I have thought about actually getting a Famicom occasionally. Haven't yet, but I am still open to the idea. ;)