New 2DS xl: The End? Or?

Feb 2007
Kentucky, US
Having followed Nintendo's line of handhelds since the Original GAMEBOY, I honestly believe that the 3DS, or DS, line is coming to an end. I feel it is at an odd crossroad. I think that Nintendo will keep some form of entry level of gaming, just not sure what that would be. It has always been their business model to have a console and a portable. But the 3DS never sold as well as its predecessor, the DS. Was it the 3D or the popularity of Smart-phone and Tablet gaming? Is the currant newest 2DS xl the route they will return to or will we see something totally different?
Just speculating. It would be nice if they had a smaller Switch mini where the controls were not removable for entry level gaming. Using the same game cards, smaller price tag, for the younger gamer. The screen could be the size of the top screen of the 2DS xl model. It would not hook up to the TV like the Switch console. You would need the Switch console to do that just to keep the two lines. I would be interested in that, who wouldn't?


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Jun 2004
So if that is at all Walmarts, I need to snag a 3DSXL now.

It has been my tendency to not buy systems lately until they are on their last breath.
Feb 2007
Kentucky, US
Just by looking at Nintendo's history of portables you come to the conclusion that it is time for a change. I remember when the GBA SP Bright hit the shelves. I considered it Nintendo's crowning achievement in a portable. And it took my breath away at how fast it was snatched from the store shelves to make room for the DS as it gained momentum. At the time I was glad I at least got one.

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