Neo Geo CD New Guy here Showing off my collection!!!!


OK, so last time I made a little joke and this time I am really posting my collection. I have the same name on and just wanted to expand my horizon a little into NeoGeoCD Land.

Below is my collection and I am always looking for new games.

P.S. How do I get Fatalities on my CDZ in SSII,. I can get blood but NEVER kill people, I think it is the system?

P.P.S. I am looking for Lost Hope AES or Neo Geo CD.

Thank you and enjoy.

My healthy Neo Collection, note the NEW AES games and mint condition 1G controllers, one of which does NOT have a cracked ball!!!

MY CDZ and all my controllers, the CD controller remains usesless as I do not like it, maybe for shooters AWFUL for fighters nothing beats the arcade stick.

My Game collection, always end up playing SSII as it is a PERFECT game and runs very fast on the CDZ and the music kicks ass, again I can't kill people (Japanese settings?)

YES I have two AOF3 games, won random auctions and got them twice, that and FF3 as well, weird.

My opinion on the CDZ well S-Video looks amazing, just stunning and the sound is a step over the AES, loading does hurt it somewhat and yes the sprites in AOF3 are smaller and less animated and at the character select screan there is a lack of animation even in SSI!!! So yeah the AES wins here but I still love the CDZ.

Some Loading VIDS

How fast a BIG Graphics hog like RB2 would load from start.

SSIV loading between rounds

Thank you!
Nice little collection. I really don't know about the fatalities. I don't remember any. The only thing that comes to mind is slicing someone in to, but I can't remember if it was one of the SS games. Does the AES version have fatalities?
Nice collection you have there. I would like to get the CDZ someday, as the standard systems are both HUGE. The CDZ looks like a normal sized system. Anyway, my collection of games is the opposite if yours... I don't like fighters, hehe.

So do you have a NGCD to offset cart prices? Or other reasons?

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