New Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda for the Wii U is slated to come out at the end of this year and I'm stoked.

I'm wondering if getting Twilight Princess for the Wii U and its Wolf Link Amiibo will be worth it, in light of The amiibo function being able to carry over. I've got TP and Skyward Sword for the wii so its nothing new, I'm just wondering if the updated graphics and the figure is worth the 50 I'll end up paying for the game.

I wouldn't mind playing TP again and now that amazon prime members get 20% off of pre order games the expense isn't crazy, I'm just worried that the amiibo functionality still wont be there by the end of the year. So far nothing with amiibo functionality has been all that great. The figures are amazing but they do very little to enhance the game, each figure ccan only work with one game. if you try to use it for two different games you've got to basically format the figure for the new game, losing any data from the old. There's some stuff coming out this march that will allow you to back up your amiibo so you can use it for multiple games but that seems like an added pain in the butt.
Just started thinking about the Wii U today as I was standing looking at xenoblade chronicles x at the local Walmart. This game might just influence me to consider a Wii U. With Zelda on the horizon I start my analysis with the investigation of what other games look good on the Wii U.
Right now anything Mario has been great. Toad didn't really do it for me but all the Mario games have been well worth the investment. I've always dug whatever RPG gets released on Nintendo and can see the amiibo becoming something awesome but it's just not there yet. Interactive gaming toys are huge and I really hope Nintendo gets this right as I could care less about them throwing their hat into the app arena. Amiibo and regaining favor with third party developers will make or break Nintendo.

With that being said the Wii U is completely skippable unless you just have to play every Mario game invented. It's small numbers and decent titles will most likely make it collectable at some point in the future and I'm betting since the remote control is an absolute have to have a good condition working unit will become rare more quickly than some of the other systems, so in that respect as a collector its probably worth while.

I still remember places blowing out the virtual boy and the turbo grafx 16 because they just didn't catch on. Both are pretty hard to find now. The wii u has had more systems sold so i'm not saying it'll be like either of those but I do believe that with the NX's pending release the wii u will soon be abandoned and we'll be left with what few titles come out this year plus the handful of must haves.
I really don't think Metroid is adaptable to the newer technology.

the NES, Gameboy, and SNES games were great, beyond great. after that...

I own Metroid Prime trilogy on the Wii because a lot of people liked at least the gamecube iterations but I wasn't a fan. super Metroid was the final Metroid game for me.

Don't get me wrong, I wish to God Metroid could continue on the newer platforms in its original glory but it doesn't look like it. Kid Icarus is another that never made it and I don't think can. That 3ds game was awful, I doubt Nintendo will try again.
Jun 2004
One can always hope...

Zelda transitioned to the 3d world well. Mario had extensions into racing, golf, RPGs, and other game types to make the transition. Besides the core gameplay of Metroid being a platformer style, the storyline of Metroid: Other M really took away the strength of Samus as the female lead in the series.

I don't really have any hope for that franchise. At least Zero Mission was a decent rehash.
I think Bayonetta upended Samus as Nintendo's leading female protagonist.

Samus does live on in smash bros... that is until the Bayonetta amiibo comes out ...

such a sad state of affairs.
Jun 2004
*looks guilty* I'm totally buying the Bayonetta amiibo. But to be fair, I already have the Samus one!

I think Nintendo should keep Metroid a 2D sidescroller but they're probably afraid to go that way with anything other than Mario.


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Mai Valentine said:
*looks guilty* I'm totally buying the Bayonetta amiibo. But to be fair, I already have the Samus one!

I think Nintendo should keep Metroid a 2D sidescroller but they're probably afraid to go that way with anything other than Mario.
It is a pity that side scrollers really got pushed to the handheld consoles and ignored for full release full console games..

As much as I like the Castevania stuff that Metroid inspired, Metroid itself has a very special place in gaming history. It is a pity that the series had no entry for the N64, then a really weak one for the Wii.
Wii did so much right, and so much more wrong, Its safe to file their Metroid offerings in the latter...

Metroid Prime Trilogy was good but doesn't count since it was a compilation of GCN games.
Metroid Samus Returns will be the answer to that question.

I've watched some game play and it looks ok but nothing really sold it for me.

I'm going in with no expectations so at the worst I'll at least enjoy it.

I think it comes out this September.
The Gamespot article I read about it paints it out to be a reimagination. Same basic principle though, land on alien planet, commit alien genocide.

my excitement comes from the return to side-scrolling.

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