TurboGrafx NEW PC Engine Game I have Aquired!!

I have been busy purchasing PC Engine Hucards over the last month and a half.

That was the early batch.

And my recent haul.
I have several more coming in the mail. I need to slow down and just play some of these games. PC Marathon weekend coming soon. :D
I have Blazing Lazers for the Turbo Grafx 16. There are some games that I have for it in which I might not get for the PC Engine. (But if I find it cheap enough, I will get it)) My main purpose for the PCE is to grab up stuff that either did not make it to the US or games I didn't get back then. A lot of times the US counterparts go for heavy prices in comparison to the Japanese game. For example, Soldier Blade or Air Zonk. Two great shooters but their prices for the Turbo are any where between $90 and $160. And I have seen them offered for much higher prices than that. I am so thankful I had the dumb sense to pick those up in the early 90s. I wish the price for Tatsujin/Truxton wasn't so crazy. I will never have that game, at (gulp) $300?! Coryoon falls into that same category.

Looking to get Gradius next, maybe.

Those arcade type shooters are my passion.

And yes Super Star Soldier is awesome!
I love the shooters but I for some reason I'd rather play them on an arcade cab, it always seemed weird playing them on a console. soldier blade was one of my most favorites when I had a tg16
I started playing shooters on a Commodore 64 using an Atari 2600 controller. So it became a natural for me to adjust to what is now the common game pad. When I played in the arcades it was mostly pinball machines. And I do remember when pong was introduced in the arcade. It was some time later that I revisited the arcades during the Street Fighter craze.
Going through some boxes I just found instruction booklets for some of those old games we were talking about. In a box full of all my old Sega Genesis / Sega CD era literature I found several Sega Saturn and 3d0 controllers and light guns as well is a sealed copy of StarBlade for the 3d0, but my most worth while find was the book to soldier blade for the TG16 and Alpha Mission 2 for the Neo Geo AES. There was even Golden Sun box with all the papers in it and the game genie stickers with the codes on it that went with the Nintendo Gameboy game genie. I figured what I had was probably pretty old, it was packed in a deli roll box with a 2004 expiration date.
A sealed copy of Starblade? Wow! :eek: I sunk a lot of quarters into that one at the arcade back then. I liked the sit down cockpit that you had to crawl into to play. The bass speakers were right in your ears making the game an immersive experience for the day. The closest thing we really had for a "VR" experience. Loved the game. I know I have that game for one of my consoles. Might have to dig it out now.

That copy of the Soldier Blade booklet is probably very valuable. The game itself sells for some ridiculous prices right now on eBay. Sealed copy for $2,999.99!!! Seriously?
what sucks is I had all these games at one point, they've either been lost, stolen, or sold off and I guarantee I didn't get more than 100 for any game. I remember barely getting 300 for my Neo Geo AES with two controllers and four or five games... I'm glad to see some of that stuff and should probably look in mom's attic next time I'm visiting ... I'd go nuts if I found parts of my old tg 16 collection or all my old sega cd games.

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