New Pokemon X and Y Games on 3DS

Jun 2004
I picked up X because I like the look of Xerneas better than the Y Pokemon (who looks like a mix between Lugia and Darkrai). So far I really like it. Except for the horde fights, which suck if you don't have any attacks that effect groups.
Having just missed out on the Pokemon craze of the mid to late 90s I never really got into the games either. Now I have a fantastic excuse (6 year old daughter that devours video games) to buy into the franchise.

It seems like these games always release in pairs, xy, sapphire emerald, yin yang, boy girl, whatever the names are these things always comes in 2's. Is there a purpose to this or a benefit in buying the pair? Chloe will get at least one for christmas I was just wondering if there were reason for both?
Jun 2004
They have version exclusive Pokemon in each one. If either of you are the kind of person who wants to fill your Pokedex, that's the biggest reason. If you get Y and she gets X, you can trade her Y exclusive Pokemon and she can trade you X exclusives.
Well it depends really. The color scheme of the pokemon and the pokedex entries are unique to each game i think. except in blue and red.

They all have very slight differences in what goes on in the world in the different pairs, but its not a humongous difference.
absolutely. When XY came out I bought Y. When Pokémon first became popular I wasn't interested but finally talked myself into giving one a fair shot.

They're good games, a good stepping stone into RPGs but it seems a step back if you're already a veteran.

I'm sure fans love the games, and honestly I did have fun with it for a while but it got to a point where the game's goal was to get to the next town, get the gym badge, stock up and heal, rinse lather repeat.

Spend the money on anything Zelda that isn't triforce heros if you're looking 3ds. After playing the crap out of a link between worlds I bought Triforce Heroes and wasn't happy with it. A link between worlds is a nice homage to the 16 bit Zelda with just a shade easier puzzles.

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