Neo Geo CD ngcd vs genesis

well,i placed my neo geo side by side with genesis.the neo was running samurai shodown 2,the genesis was running street fighter 2.....i assume you can guess the winner by knock out,dim mak,and/or decapitation.the neo wins by leaps and bounds :)
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I don't think ANY other console version of Samurai Shodown came close.  I mean, people say the 3DO version is close.... but nothing beats a Neo Geo.... it really is one of the best systems ever made.  AND it looks REALLY slick via S-video to boot.... you don't get that with a Genesis, Super Nintendo, etc. 

well.. you can get it a little bit with the Super Nintendo.... they actually made Nintendo brand S-video cables for the Super Nintendo (hard to find, and I got one).  I used it for the Nintendo 64 and Gamecube as well (same cable works all 3 systems).  You don't notice much of a difference on the Snes...  the N64 I thought it made worse on a few games, and the Gamecube look AWESOME with S-video.... I mean night and day difference (but not as drastic of a difference as the Neo CD's A/V Version S-Video).... but still noticeable.

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I have a Neo CD and Genesis as well. Neo CD toasts the Genesis in all arcade style games of corse! But the Genesis does have some nice games on it and beats SNK out in the platformer genra for sure. What would we do without Sonic, Earthworm Jim, Kid Chamelion, Snatcher, Gauntlet IV (4 player) etc? I think the Samurai Shodown for Sega CD could be way better though. Sega CD can do sprite scaling and there is no reason they could not have Earthquake or camera zooming in that game. Just look at Soul Star's use of sprite scaling. Takara is just a terrible developer ;-) Not many developers ever did the Sega CD much justice. And don't even get me started about the 32X.
Megadrive vs. NGCD? That's not even a fair contest. Technically they're worlds apart.

And there's only one game on the Megadrive worth owning anyway... Rolling Thunder 2. That's it. For almost everything else you're better off with a SNES. Now that'd be interesting... SNES vs NGCD... I think the SNES would actually win that one, that was an amazing bit of kit. Maybe not fighters but platform games, shooters, RPGs... Much like the difference between say Cyber Lip and Metal Slug what people like Konami and Capcom were doing with the hardware towards the end of the SNES's life was nothing short of staggering. Even Art of Fighting 2 ran on the bloody thing!
rossdh said:
Funny thing is the Neo CD can display more colors on screen than Genesis, TG 16, and SNES combined!  ;D
:lol I never really thought about it that way :)

I was surprised that *BESIDES* the Neo Geo, the Turbo Grafx 16 has the abiliity for the most colors displayed on screen.

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