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Jun 2004

It took over a decade, but we're finally getting our Nights sequel! Following a report last week out of a European print publication, Sega Japan finally got around to properly announcing the sequel to the 1996 Sega Saturn classic. The game is tentatively titled Nights: Journey of Dreams and is set for Japanese Wii release this Winter.

Aside from the logo and single piece of artwork of the Nights main character, Sega has provided just a handful of details about the sequel. As with the original, players take control of Nights and attempt to save the strange world of Nightopia from the Nightmaren demons. The Wiimote is used to provide a better feeling of control. In addition to his characteristic loops and sudden rises and falls, Nights will have a number of new special skills.

In an official statement made to the Japanese press today, Nights: JoD producer and Sonic Team veteran Takashi Iizuka said, "In 1996, under the concept of 'a refreshing feeling of flight,' we created Nights, a character of the world of dreams who dances through the skies. Eleven years later, the long silence broken, Nights will soar through a new dream world. A new stage, a new story, and a new plaftorm, the Wii. Please look forward to the new adventure of Nights and friends."
So I know there has got to be some NiGHTS fans looking forward to this! I'm actually surprised I was the first one to post this considering how many Sega fans are on these boards.
Re: NiGHTS sequel on the Wii confirmed

I have had no intention of entering the next generation of gaming being that I love retro so much. But this does tempt me greatly to look in the direction of a Wii. I had my Saturn out this past week playing some games on it. NiGHTS is one of my favorite games on the system.
Re: NiGHTS sequel on the Wii confirmed

kirbyrockz said:
April fools joke x_x If only it were true...
It is no April Fools Joke. Nights was being talked about being on the Wii on March the 20th. "" carried some of the information concerning it.
Here is another old link concerning it.

edit: within that link you can find updates along with an offical anouncement from Sega.

The excitement begins to build. :rockin


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Re: NiGHTS sequel on the Wii confirmed

No offense at all I hope, but I'll need to see it to believe it... so only time will tell...

And I seriously pray it isn't an April Fool's joke, I want another NiGHTS game so bad...
Re: NiGHTS sequel on the Wii confirmed

the wii is such a cool system, but no cool games (really) yet!

i mean zelda, redsteel was OK, sonic sucks, warioware is good, but not much else

Jun 2004
Re: NiGHTS sequel on the Wii confirmed

And for some more confirmation, this time from GameSpot. You may note that it was posted April 2.

Posted Apr 2, 2007 11:07 am PT
After more than a decade of fans calling for a follow-up, the Sega Saturn shooter NiGHTS Into Dreams is finally spawning a sequel. While the sequel was hinted at by a UK magazine last month, Sega would not officially confirm that the game was in development until today's announcement of NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams for the Wii.

Players will once again take control of the eponymous flying jester, and once again the series will make use of the latest controller interface advances. Where the original Saturn game came with one of the first analog-equipped game pads, Journey of Dreams is being designed to take advantage of the Wii Remote's motion-sensing capabilities. The game's story, which Sega has said will center on themes of hope, courage, and inspiration, has players defending the world of Nightopia from the neighboring world of Nightmare.

According to the game's new Web site, Journey of Dreams will include support for two players when it releases this fall. NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams has not yet been rated.
Re: NiGHTS sequel on the Wii confirmed

There has been some confusion about this because of a fake box art image (below) that's been floating around the net for several months, but the game itself has been confirmed.

So, once again kiddies: box art = fake, game = real.
Re: NiGHTS sequel on the Wii confirmed

Its some pretty sweet box art though... they should just use that so they dont have to bust their brains thinking of a different one


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Re: NiGHTS sequel on the Wii confirmed

yeah... I agree... that is some killer box art.

You know... this better not be a late April Fools :lol ...

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Re: NiGHTS sequel on the Wii confirmed

Man, I loved the original NiGHTS on the Sega Saturn. Never beat it though (thrid boss or something). Too bad I'm poor and get get any new games really.
New NiGHTS, anyone?

Hmm? Great first game(after its time), so imagine what the new one will be with motion control. Hope it isn't crap and they'll just be running off the popularity of the original.

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