Sega Saturn NiGHTS turns 15

Feb 2007
Kentucky, US
How did I miss this? NiGHTS turned 15 yesterday. Release date for the game was July 5, 1996. I remember being totally awed by the game. And I was really blown away by the Christmas NiGHTS when it was released.
Jan 2005
Waco, TX
I couldn't agree more! Also, over at OC you can download a totally free remix album of Nights: Lucid Dreams in honor of the 15th Anniversary!

Yet reflecting back, I wish Sonic Team would have carried on the series instead of quickly freezing it and using it as a hardware experiment. I remember when "NIGHTS Score Attack" came out on the GBA and thought there was going to be a real game. The Wii edition I won't even mention since I feel that was a bit of an odd twist on the series and I feel Sega fans deserved better after waiting so long. Yet, I'm still amazed by the soundtrack and remembering how jealous my Playstation friends were at the time.