Nintendo Classic Mini

Anybody else heard of or planning to get this? So far, no one has started pre-orders but I'm definitely going to pick one up as soon as I can. The price is a bit steep in my opinion, especially since you can't add games or play cartridges but it has HDMI output so you'll be able to play these games in their full RGB glory. Sure, emulators have already been doing this but if you prefer not to go that route, this is a nice little collection.

Nintendo Classic Mini
I'll get it to add to the collection.

I'd buy two if it were more hackable.

The usb is only for power, no removable storage, no internet access, no plans for additional games and Nintendo has all but said there never will be.

A raspberry pi and near perfect usb knockoff's of the original nes controllers plus a decent sized sd card can be purchase for around the same price and have the entire library but I'd rather play it on a mini Nintendo!
That's pretty cool. Like games being $2 a piece and HDMI output is nice to have. I wish they kind of went the SSB4 route and rereleased old controllers but I get why they didn't.
Even though it flopped, I would have liked them to release bundled carts or something like what was done with the Neo Geo X

But yeah like targetrasp said it's pretty limited. I'd rather just buy an everdrive since I still have a working NES or just throw and emulator on anything I have that can run it.
I am going to be all over this. It will be a great little retro treat. Nice selection of games. Being that Nintendo is putting this on the market, I am almost expecting this to be hard to get a hold of.
I wonder....

Nintendo doesn't have much announced for the holiday... I wouldn't be surprised if they mass produce it. The thing is already listed on Amazon, although not for sale. I bet Nintendo milks the little console dry to prop up Q4 earnings so they can limp on until the NX comes out.
You might be right. This and games released like the 3DS games being released during this time period might just do that. One selling side of this little system for me is that the controllers can be used on my Wii as traditional controllers for the virtual console.
it looks like you can sign into bestbuy and have them email when the preorder is available. Target, toysrus and supposedly amazon have had small amounts of preorders that have already been taken but it goes away quick, looks like i'm going to have to troll websites and keep up with my email.

If this is any indication of holiday availability I may try to buy a few and eBay them off.
what a joke, every time I put one in my cart and went to check out my cart was empty. I spent from 2 to 230 trying to get one today and it just didn't happen. Stupid bots, if you're going to resell you should at least have to get it honestly.

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