Nintendo Classic Mini

I still haven't seen nor heard of one in a nearby store since launch. A Target employee told me they didn't expect any more before Christmas. He even said they were supposed to have gotten 5 on Black Friday and none came. There's always those few toys that catch fire and just can't be found.
Jun 2004
I tried to get one just for Mega Man 2 and Castlevania II, since I never had hard copies of either game.

Unfortunately, they have been discontinued and the supply is essentially gone. There are those on ebay scalping them, but I would not pay those inflated prices for games that I beat two to three decades ago.
the scalper prices almost got to bearable levels (around 100 on ebay) and then Nintendo decides to says "that's all folks'" so the things went back over 200.

Between ebay and gamestop my nes library has become decent since much like retro I've decided not to pay over retail for the mini (however I would entertain overpaying a little).
I've definitely experimented with it but I just can't get around having that physical representation of my past in my hands. If I don't get a bigger place or start storing some of this stuff you may see me on a hoarders reality show in a few years.
Jun 2004
CreepinDeth said:
I probably sound like a broken record at this point but I've given in to emulation for my retro needs. I refuse to pay these prices.
I am very close to doing the same. If Nintendo has discontinued the NES Retro, that has made a statement that they want to sell the new system and not cater to the customers willing to pay for retro games.
I have tried to do the emulation thing. It has been many years ago. It just did not do it for me. I found I was missing something. And it was the adventure of sometimes finding titles and "holding it in my hand" side of it. I do have a multi-cart "150 in 1" for the NES. Has most of the good,"I want," games contained in the list. Even with that I still find myself looking and actually purchasing some of those games. I think it is just all a part of the experience for me. As a replacement for that NES mini, AliExpress has one for $71.00. It actually has the 30 games and is totally designed exactly like the mini with even the "Nintendo" name on it. (I wonder...hmmmm) They also have a clone of the NES mini for as low as $30 having 500 games loaded. I might sooner or later go for the 500 one but not right now. I have too many of the individual games I want to get a hold of. My local Game Exchange is selling the original NES for $74. So that has got me in a mood of wanting. Back when I got my Generation NEX the NES was just too expensive. But recently the price has gotten a bit sweeter. And I have often wondered what the game music is like in some of the games I play. Parodius music is irritatingly distorted on an NES clone. Game is still fun to play. Nintendo and their minis has been like a slap in the face to me. I am not even interested any more.


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