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I just preordered a Nintendo switch. I have absolutely no expectations and beyond the Zelda game the launch titles do absolutely nothing for me so I really have no reason other than to appease the fanboy in me.

Anyone else picking up one of these? Anything even remotely exciting about the switch?
its really not worth buying launch consoles anymore. PS4 Pro and Xbox One S are all better. I bought a 3ds and had to get a 3ds xl. Now there's a new 3ds that I can use amiibos with. ugh.

maybe as a collector the oldest versions will be more sought after since there's less of them. By then though I'll be 60... ugh again.
It's best to wait until it has a good amount of things you want. I think for the Wii I only really played Mad World, Smash Bros, and Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn and the No More Heroes games. Wii U I only bought Bayonetta 2, Wonderful 101, Smash Bros, and #FE Tokyo Mirage Sessions.
Right now the Switch does have a few things I want like Ultra Street Fighter 2, Fire Emblem Warriors, and a new No More Heroes. I might pick up Fire Emblem and NMH at launch but wait on the Switch.

Being an early adopter does seem like it bites you on the butt. Most of my consoles are limited edition so I don't mind hanging on to them. There's also the appeal of playing your games sooner than later so it ain't all bad. :)
Gamestop stores in my area have already sold all their preorders. I wonder if Nintendo is going to artificially generate demand for a mediocre product (see nes classic edition) by holding the supply by ransom?


its March, they don't have a cash cow for the holiday, so they'll chum the waters with the switch, keep supply low because there's really nothing to play on once you beat Zelda (c'mon, there's a game that has something to do with milking cows) and use the limited console base to retool a better console for the holidays.

I saw a lot of developers have gotten involved so the switch's future looks a little brighter but that'd require a good bit of those guys to stay AND put out some quality games that takes advantage of the switch. there can be call of duty, madden, mass effect, elder scrolls, assasians creeds, etc. but i'll always play those on a playstation or xbox because of the hardware superiority and the controller. Even with a pro controller I've not seen a quality aaa game on a Nintendo console out do other platforms since the snes.

with that said Nintendo also has to get back to making great first party games. iterations of Mario and Zelda games won't be enough. Metroid and Star Fox needs to get good again. I don't think Kid Icarus can come back from the 3ds game. VR could save Pilotwings and Punch Out but I doubt the switch will have the juice for VR.

Pikmin, Xeno, Fire Emblem, are aweomse niche first party titles that can be utilized. Pikmin was once close to being a household name like Mario or Zelda but it just didn't make it. RPGs rarely transcend niche status, and Pokémon / Animal Crossing sold toys but their audience is thinned by Minecraft, Roblox, and the popular cell phone game de jour.

I want Nintendo to become king again but I fear they're posturing themselves as an "and" system like they did in the Wii days. I have an xbox AND a Nintendo, I have a playstation AND a Nintendo. They'll stay solvent via their toy lines. Heck, I think that's their master plan now. Make the video games just to sell the toys. Look at the Amiibos. THEY OFFER NOTHING TO THE SYSTEMS or game experience but sell boatloads of characters that everyone has to have. Skylanders and Disney Infinity has hit the secondary market and sell cheap but amiibo not so much.
So I've had time to play my switch and Zelda is pretty awesome. There's absolutely nothing else on the system worth playing for the price offered. 1-2 switch is a small collection of mini games that should have been a advertisement kiosk solely to show what you could do with the different controller configurations. It's defiantly not worth the price of admission and I'd go so far as to argue it's worth as a pack-in game (as in not good enough to be a..). I'm not paying $25 for digital content so I'm only playing Zelda.

I think that only leaves bomberman, another skylanders iteration, and just dance - my kids don't even like that crap. Bomberman would be worth considering at half price, and in a few weeks skylanders and just dance will be five bucks and still not worth it.

Zelda is a near perfect game. I've got every Zelda outside of a few offerings on the Gameboy and Gameboy advance and Breath of the Wild gives every other Zelda at least a run for its money. I usually favor the Zelda games like The Legend of Zelda, A link to the Past, a link between worlds over OOT, Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, but I really dig Breath of the Wild. there's some elder scrolls elements that have been borrowed that really work well for me. I will spend some time on this game!

Now, Nintendo... listen up - Mario, Starfox, Fzero, Metroid, Pikmin, paper Mario, splatoon, battalion wars and / or advance wars, donkey kong (more country less konga), punch out, Mario galaxy, Mario party / fortune street (something similar / just not as stale) and at least Mario rpg are first party ips that need to be taken seriously. Some aren't as critical as others but the vast majority of these need to be released on the switch with the polish and innovation they deserve. Give me a good Kid Icarus again. A new phenomenal first party release couldn't hurt but these are proven money makers when made into even decent games. you'd only have to release one or two a year if you really devoted some resources into making them excellent. Whore yourselves out to the good third party developers to fill the library out, but vie not for games like call of duty 157 or madden insert next year here but for something new, innovative, and exciting. And for cripes sake, make the flippin controllers affordable. Not every game has to use the motion controllers. there's nothing wrong with a game only using a pro controller. No one will if they are 80 each though. Bring couch co-op back. You suck at online - at least pander towards your strengths. One of the most attractive features of the wii was couch co-op, that worked, don't give up on it, you did on the wii u and look where that got you. (all those who want to argue this with me just look past the first wave of games).

there's more but I'm afraid I'm going to sound like every other net-nerd that has a fondness for Nintendo fueled by childhood nostalgia.
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I'm at a point financially where I can't justify buying a new console for one game, so I'm going to wait until there's more games available for the Switch. Hopefully at that point it will also have had a price drop.
I get to interact with one at work on almost a daily basis. Not a fan overall. I don't like the buttons on the controllers. I'd rather use a regular game pad but the Pro Controller is so ridiculously overpriced, it's not even funny.

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