Official AMD Radeon HD Graphics Cards Thread

So here it is, the official AMD Radeon Thread. I took a bit longer to create this thread because AMD has a numbering scheme that's a tad more convoluted than Nvidia. The current line of cards is the 7xxx series. Their top of the line card begins with the 7990, a single card design with dual 7970s running in CrossfireX. Their most powerful, single gpu card is the 7970 GHz edition which goes toe-to-toe with the Nvidia GTX 680 and sells for cheaper too.

Even though on paper AMD doesn't have the most powerful graphics cards out right now, they're still plenty powerful and have nicer prices than Nvidia. They're considered to have more value for your dollar and I tend to agree. Especially, since at the moment, they have the Never Settle Bundle which gives you multiple, top games for free with a purchase of any 7xxx series graphics cards.

So here is the 7xxx series lineup:
Now, as mentioned before, AMD is running the Never Settle Bundle. This is a promotion for nearly all AMD 7xxx series graphics cards. If you buy a qualifying card, you can choose free titles such as Bioshock Infinite and Tomb Raider. There are other games as well. Below is the AMD site with all the info.

AMDs' Never Settle Bundle
I started passively shopping for graphics cards and realized that at the moment NVidia is destroying AMD. It looks like AMD has some promising stuff on the way but NVIDIA can't be touched at the present moment, ESPECIALLY when it comes to the top tier. AMD seems to have something competitively priced for every price point imaginable but for another 40 or so the matched NVIDIA card kicks its butt. If you really wanna go all out the gtx 980 ti looks as awesome as the titan, and beats the (sometimes) higher priced amd r9 295 x2 in most everything (using one less core).

I've supported AMD (especially their easier to handle pricing) since my first build but it seems like a lot of times I'm sacrificing something. The last couple of amd cards (5000 and 6000 series) gave me crazy driver issues and took amd almost a year to get the catalyst software right, but I endured because I really like the multiple monitor setup and NVidia just isn't as friendly with it. I'm really teetering on the edge of switching but I think i'll ride out the holidays with what I have (amd 7950) and games like witcher 3 chews this thing up.
AMD has definitely fallen behind... hard.

They do have their next graphics card coming up that has HBM (High Bandwidth Memory) but if the rumors are true about the pricing, it'll be more expensive than the 980 Ti and be less powerful and have less vRAM. But hopefully those rumors are wrong because Nvidia needs the competition.

They also haven't really introduced barely any new GPUs while Nvidia has released Fermi, Kepler and now Maxwell. Their R7/R9 series are just 7000 series rebrands with a little extra power. Now, that doesn't mean they aren't good but when it comes to new features like DX12, TrueAudio, GCN and other stuff, a lot of their cards are going to start showing their age even more.

I'm going to update this thread but man, just trying to decipher what's what when it comes to their cards, I've been putting it off.
something I read suggested amd is still planning on repurposing their cores (I think Hawaii is a candidate) or running them in a multiple core set up. I guess to be the cheaper alternative you've gotta cut costs somewhere....
Oh yeah, forgot to mention that too. They're more than likely going to rebrand the R7/R9 200 series to R7/R9 300 series. DX12 is going to help their GPUs out since it allows better multithreading, so we'll see what they deliver in the next two weeks.

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