Official Recent Game Happenings Thread

I noticed we don't really have a thread for game progress, so...I made one.

I've started new files on Super Metroid, Metroid Prime 1, 2, and 3. I just got Missiles in Super Metroid, second Energy Tank on the way to the Charge Beam in Prime, right about to meet the Luminoth(what's his name...) in 2, and about to meet Admiral Dane in 3.
I've started new games in Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings and Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates. I just gotta decide which I want to focus on first.

I've also started back up in Halo 3.
Yeah, I'm gonna pick up Halo 3 when I get Live again tomorrow. Rock Band, too, I'm stuck on some of the last Expert songs. But I got the Flawless Groove achievement.

Also, 'cause you haven't read enough, I'm in the Inverted Castle in SotN, and I've got 10 achievements, since they're pretty much all required.
Tales of Eternia beat (64 hours)
Monster Kingdom Jewel Summoner (PSP)- Just amalgamating and attempting to figure out how to evolve caterpillar, and finally also beat the last Mining Facilty and heading to Lighthouse to finish a mission. Great RPG.

Jun 2004
Playing through Final Fantasy Crisis Core again. I'm at level 60 (the level carries over), with 24% of the missions done currently, and I just fought Bahamut Fury.

That's about it.
I beat the RE:Remake for cube a couple weeks ago and then I started RE4, again. I am about 80% through now. The RE:Remake completely outclasses RE4 in every way...but that's another thread in itself :D
Brother got Rock Band for his Bday yesterday so that kind of counts, got back into Rappelz for my MMO of the summer, beat Bioshock again I like it more this time but, I just feel it was great as everyone said it is, getting back into DoA4 and DoAU2 so if anyone wants to fight and have some fun get to me on XBL at my GT: O5Bandit.
Jun 2004
I've been working on my rank in Team Swat in Halo 3 with the help of aleeock157 and Mega. I think we are all up to rank 3 now.

Then Mega and I played some co-op on Gears of War (insane difficulty). He found like 2 or 3 cog tags he didn't have, and I found at least one I didn't already have. We also found the Boomers to be quite annoying, but that's another topic altogether. :lol

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