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I did something yesterday that I didn't think I would do. I was in a pawn shop and saw a PS vita for $100. I just had to get it. I looks mint condition except for a small scratch on the TV out door. At least that is what I presently think that flap is. I am now playing a Wipeout demo I downloaded. Instant winner with me.

Okay I ran by a local "Gamestop" and picked up a used Wipeout and Ragnatok Odyssey. They are what I am playing right now on this system. I did download a freeby, a blockout clone.
Origin can be finicky (just 2 days ago our friend's lists wouldn't load rendering us unable to play multiplayer together), but all in all it's not terrible. I found titanfall on Amazon (download only) for about $35 so you can definitely find a good deal. We use it for Battlefield 4 as well.
Jun 2004
Bluevoodu, MasterMario, and I got some N64 time in last night!

BomberMan 64 is definitely not my strong point.

MM won pretty much all the races in Mario Kart 64. However, in battle mode, I am undefeated!
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Yeah, yeah ::D

I got a game from eBay this week, "Enslaved: Odyssey to the West." Best $8 I have spent in a long time. And I would venture to say the best fun I have had on my PS3. The combination of the storyline, character interaction, and gameplay has got me hooked. I had a blast last night and looking forward to more sitting down with this game. I rate it awesome.
looks like my local game store has a copy, I read a few reviews and it seems to be a game that just didn't get any publicity in the least. Players left favorable reviews and for the price tag it seems well worth owning. Thanks for posting next time I'm out I'll go pick it up.
I just started playing the free version of Star Wars: The Old Republic. Actually a really good game. Some things happen at a reduced rate in the free version, but as far as I can tell you still have access to everything. Anyone who wants to join, feel free. :) I could use help on some of these missions and quests haha.
Jun 2004
I just beat Transformers: Fall of Cybertron (PC Steam version) after buying it months ago.

I got some PS3 games (Metro: Last Light, Wolfenstein) and PSP games (Little Big Planet, God of War: Ghosts of Sparta) on clearance at target for $5.98 - $8.98 each.

I have also been replaying Halo 3, but did grab Halo Wars for a spin!
welcome back. There's almost no activity anymore so its awesome to see someone who has not been around for a while say something. I've been on an off since the ezboard days so I've watched a lot of people come and go but its gotten to the point where we've not had a new member join in years it seems like. There's still a few who post a few times a week and we keep hoping more will come back and become more active, but personally I'm starting to feel like the violin player on the Titanic.
Just to go back on topic, I've finally purchased the first 8 final fantasy games (ps one, ps2, psp, ds, and steam) to finally start my new years resolution of playing and beating them in chronological order, so I've got final fantasy one in the psp right now.

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