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The reason I picked one up was because there are a lot of titles coming in now. Even big 1st person shooters like the latest Doom. I think Nintendo going with an Nvidia GPU is helping it bring more titles to the system.

I recommend you start saving up. The games are going to start piling up in my opinion.
There are a lot of things about the Switch which caused me to be very hesitant. The construction of the unit, particularly the "Joy cons." I don't like that. The way it hooks up to the TV, don't like the way the cradle is designed. My first thoughts I had when I saw it, I can't shake out of my head, "They redesigned the Wii-U and are marketing it again." Even though I feel it is the same concept, I think the implementation is a lot better. I greatly feel like it is encroaching onto my 3DS territory. I don't want to loose the clam shell designed portables from Nintendo. If the Joy Cons were not detachable, I would have been all over it. BUT the $299 price of entry chokes my wallet.
I will be saving and watching the lineup of games over this next year. At some point I will make a purchase.

For some reason the Mario game reminds me so much of Mario Sunshine. I never could get into that game. Zelda is the only one that has perked a little of my interest, but I still need that magic game that blows me away. Star Fox where are you?

Edit: I never purchase a console the year of its release. I wait for games to be released. The game lineup influences my purchase.

No directional cross button. :(
Okay I am being very thankful for those who take the time to do fan translations of games that did not come to the US but stayed in Japan. I am also being thankful for those who have the ingenuity to produce reproduction carts for retro consoles. For without that I would not have this English translation of the first Animal Crossing game which initially first appeared on the Nintendo 64.

One quirk that it has, no time clock. I think the chip is missing from the PC board. The game knows that there is something wrong with the clock and warns you. BUt if you are playing it every day, like I am, you can adjust it to the time and date you begin. The game saves with the internal battery, your game,time you stopped, and the date. So really no big deal. Can't really complain with what I got here. It mostly baffles me why Nintendo did not bring this to the US while the N64 was on the shelf. The game was later ported to the Game Cube, so we did get it, just a little late to the party. Cost me only $25 USD.
I understand that, but I guess I have become accustomed to their recent mindset maybe. They released Twilight Princess for the Game Cube and the Wii. Not sure if there was some change in leadership at Nintendo which prompted that judgement call. But the jump to disc might have been the influence in the decision.
That was a special case. Zelda is a no brainer title to have at both launch of a new console and an older one. Animal Crossing was a brand new IP, so it probably wouldn't have been worth it to pay for the manufacturing of carts. It's not something they have done regularly since.

EDIT: They did it again with Zelda on the Switch and Wii U, but I think that's the pattern here. Zelda sells much better than Animal Crossing.
I just found reading the 64DD wiki that Animal Crossing was intended to be on the 64DD. Too much time & investment in the game might have limited the release to the Japan N64 cart. And you are right about Zelda. The fan base was there. Nintendo knew the game was a hit before they even released it.

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