OVERLORD for Xbox 360 (June 26th) You gotta play this evil game!

Jan 2005
Waco, TX
The 360 Demo is ready for Download today, I gotta say, this is a badass evil lil game...It's a sweet lil Pikmin clone.

You take the role of the Overlord himself, your minions do almost everything for you, and you have to get rid of the corrupted 7 kings, each a victim of the 7 deadly sins...

Host hordes of Minions to destroy villages, cities, empires, etc..destroy it all and take it back as yours! (over 20 and more..)....and the beauty of the game...is you can be semi-evil or PURE evil....there's no way to be good what so ever...

Even get a mistress to control your kingdom...depending on how well you treat her, effects the kingdom as well.

Gain power, respect, gold, and steal anything your evil heart desires...

Graphically, it reminds me of Fable alot and the soundtrack is tight.

I strongly recommend this game and it's sure to get some awards I'm sure.
Jan 2006
I went and bought it today at EB. EB and Gamestop seem to be the only ones who got it. Circuit City, Wal-Mart, Target, and Best Buy did not have it in or know it.
I'm definitely thinking about getting this one. Evil Pikmin = awesome.

On an entirely random note, I'm having horrible problems here. Idk if any of my posts are getting through. If anyone can read this, please send me a PM so I can figure out what's happening here. I hope to god something else isn't wrong with this laptop, on top of the disc drive.
Jul 2007
I downloaded them demo not that long ago really enjoyed it =) i like it how the little demons when they attacked that ogre in the demo, how they jumped on his back and all that like watching a mini battle scene :D. I did think it would be a really serious game but the humor in it.

I find game's that dont have humor in it and are serious 100% can sometimes get more stressful quicker humor helps me lighten up a bit but that's just my opinion.