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Jun 2005
Louisburg, NC, USA
I've been eyeballing the Master Systems on Ebay that are in PAL format. Mainly because the MS was more popular outside the U.S, and games look easier to find. But do I need some sort of converter to hook it up to my TV?? Do I need some plug adaptor also?? Is it worth it alltogether??
I really like the Master System. But it's beginning to be a pain in the butt to find games...
Jan 2005
Waco, TX
Here I come to save the dayyyy!!!

PAL SMS and US SMS are best do NOT need an adapter to play those babies on your system!

SMS is the first and pretty much the only one without a region lockout.

My SMS had Euro, Australian, and US games playing without any problems.

Yet, the only known lock out is the late releases from Brazil..known as the "TEC TOY" releases that come in blue casing. Those Brazilian SMS games have issues on our US system.

Yet anything from Europe is perfectly fine =)