Parents Ask - Is My Preteen Anxious?

Therapy and ADD Coaching may provide the OptiMind Review support that you need. It is important to distinguish between the two to ensure that you are receiving the right support for what is getting in your way.Generally speaking, therapy can help you uncover and heal from destructive thought patterns, behaviors and painful beliefs in order to help you operate better in your daily living. While there are many options for therapy, it best to work with someone who understands ADD and any other condition that you may have.Coaching from an ADD coach, who has training and experience in both coaching and ADD, can help you to operate more effectively in making plans and taking action in order to reach your goals. In general, ADD Coaching deals more from a present and future oriented perspective.

For many ADDers, the issue that prevents them from reaching their goals is not one of knowing what to do or being stuck because of their past experiences. Rather, the difficulty lies in following through in what they know. If this rings true for you, an ADD Coach can provide the education, support and accountability you need to reach your goals.An organizer who understands ADD can be an invaluable part of your team, if you are finding it hard to create an environment that works well for you. The need for the organizer to understand ADD is incredibly important. Otherwise, you may end up with a system that does not work for you because it is too complex and not sustainable or does not take into consideration the way you operate best.

As you learn more about the challenges that your ADD symptoms present, you may consider different types of help that can help you in reaching your goals. For example, if house cleaning is getting in your way, consider hiring a house cleaner. If taxes are too much to do, hire a tax preparer or accountant. If money is an issue, consider bartering for services. Be creative as you think about who and what can support you in your journey.Marla is a Certified Professional AD/HD Coach. The focus of her private practice, Cummins Coaching and Training, is providing AD/HD Coaching, training and resources for college students and adults with AD/HD.

Questions many people ask is if brainwave synchronization or brain synchronization genuinely helps people in their everyday lives? A lot of scientists would argue that the response to this is yes. But what exactly is involved in brainwave or brain synchronization?Brain synchronization also referred to as brainwave synchronization stimulates brain frequencies that activate a periodic stimulus. This stimulus alerts brain wave frequencies that will in turn synchronize with the brain. This can happen when you begin to feel sleepy as it activates the "falling asleep" process. This can also apply to people who feel unhappy or upset, or just don't feel like their own. Once hearing special frequencies that someone can hear perhaps with music, the frequencies help brainwave synchronization. This can also be often used by people who enjoy meditation.

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