TurboGrafx PC Engine ... what is your favorite games for it?

So many, so many.

Dracula X - just an awesome game all round. Graphics, sound, playability, replay factor etc

Splatterhouse - obviously:)

Star Soldier - superlative shooter

Magical Chase - superlative alternatively styled shooter

Shubibinman series - as good as platforming gets..a sort of megaman/valis cross

CD Horror Story - so very pce

Renny Blaster - ditto
Air Zonk
Bomberman 93' and 94'
R-type Complete
Dracula X: Rondo of Blood
Splatter House
Legendary Axe
Bonk's Revenge
Salamander (aka Life Force)
Street Fighter II Champion Edition <--- one of the best looking 16-bit ports next to SNES
Fighting Street (Aka Street Fighter 1)
Fatal Fury Special

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