Sega Saturn Phantasy Star Trilogy?

I was just looking for Phantasy Star 1 info on the net at the pscave site and I find a section on a game called Phantasy Star Trilogy. It looks like a really cool new and improved remake of the old classic series for the Playstation 2, its seems like the first three (I think) were only in Japanese and called Phantasy Star Generation. Now there is Phantasy Star Trilogy coming out which has like the first three and the fourth in the series is being made now I think. Anyway I'm a bit sketchy on the details and it doesn't look as though we'll get it in english as either a US or PAL release but fingers crossed. Anyway if anyone has any good info on this game or word on whether it'll get an english release release, please let me know! I love the Phantasy Star series that and Shining Force are two of my fave game series ever and a remake of ps sounds awesome.
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Jan 2005
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The PS2 re-release includes PS1-2 and 4....3 is not included (This has been confirmed for the USA recently, but Im sure a European release has been declared)

Sega Saturn got a re-release in Japan only of PS1-2 and 3