Philips Wants Back In to the Video Game Market


Forum Staff
Oct 2004
Los Angeles, CA
Electronics giant Philips has revealed its latest foray into the games industry with its new horizontal touch screen system, Entertaible.
Philips has further stepped up its interest in gaming after it recently exposed plans to add light, sound, heat and even airflow to gamers’ experiences with its amBX technology (MCV 4/11/05), and now the company’s latest gizmo promises a new mix of gaming with the tangible playing pieces of traditional board games.

“Entertaible could be used to invent brand new games offering unprecedented levels of user interaction,” said head of Philips’ Entertaible research team Gerard Hollemans. “Perhaps most important of all, it will host electronic games that promote invaluable social interaction within groups and families. This contrasts completely to the solitary, isolated environment encouraged by some contemporary console-based electronic games.”

The new system is currently on show at Las Vegas’ Consumer Electronics Show in prototype form, and will be initially used in restaurants, bars and casinos with a view to a move into the home market

Hmm, I dont know why they are trying again after their CDi failure. But who knows this could be promising.
Jul 2004
10 year bump just to say what happened? That link doesn't work, I can't think of a phillips system since the cdi.... maybe it takes more than a decade in development!
Jul 2009
I guess we'll have to keep waiting to bomb some dodongos.

Probably wasn't anything more than a curiosity. I can't imagine them having any draw these days. They'd probably be able to make some solid Steam Machines these days though.
Jul 2004
On the consumer side of electronics the only thing I'm aware that phillips makes is lighting and crappy televisions. I know they're really strong in the health care industry but I know of nothing that's even close to a computer or video game console...