Playing Alien Hominid on my GBA SP!!!

Years ago I found that they released Alien Hominid for the GBA in Europe. I have often tried to get my hands on a copy. Almost had given up until now. Finally I am playing Alien Hominid on my GBA. It plays just like the one that I have on the Game Cube.

I remember going into a Gamestop one time asking if they could get a hold of a copy. Knowing that I have ran across imports in their stores occasionally. The people that waited on me tried to convince me that it did not exist, which did not surprise me. I have yet to run across anyone in our local Gamestops that know anything about gaming.
That GBA SP is a peril white that I picked up from a local GoodWill for $9.99. Had it for a month so I slapped a skin on it. It is in very good condition. I think I have around 10 SPs in various colors. There was a few light scratches on the outside top, and the main reason I have the skin, to preserve.

It is hard for me to resist something when I find it in the wild so reasonably priced.

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