Playing Genesis Games in 2014!

I dusted off an old AtGames game console today. My wife picked this little jewel up for me several years ago at a local Walgreens.

Got me in some good old Sega gaming today. It felt soooo good just playing around with some old friends like Bio Hazard Battle, and several other Genesis shmups.

Hard to believe that the Genesis was released in Japan 26 years ago on October 29, 1988. My daughter was six years old at the time. Time has passed so fast and technology has changed so much since these early games. The Genesis was my first console entering the world of gaming. Those were good times. :'(

I still have my Genesis and 32X and they still work great. I have the Genesis with the volume control and headphone jack.
Sega was once my thing, I remember one Christmas I got a genny 2, a sega cd, and a 32x and was happier than when I got my first car.

Now I can't think of 5 Sega games I'd like to go back and play. the 32x had almost nothing, the cd had nothing, and the genny's stuff doesn't seem to hold up like Nintendo's. I can think of more Turbo grafx games I'd still like to play today....

I want to love it, I just can't.
There are still those games that I gravitate toward on the Genesis. Shmups especially, like Gunstar Heroes and many of the horizontal & vertical shooters. There are those moments that I will get the itch to play Phantasy Star IV again. Then there is the Shinobi series. Then there is this obsession with Kid Chameleon, die! I will admit that the Genesis is a little rough around the edges when it comes to comparing it to the glossiness of the SNES. The quality of a lot of the SNES still hold their own.

And the Turbo Grafx 16 is my favorite gaming console. I keep that plugged and ready to go right beside my desktop. There is just something about those games that captivate me & keep me hooked.
the tg 16 was awesome for shooters. The SNES's platformer's beat up Bonk et al. and stole their lunch money but they shooters on the tg 16 rivaled the best even the neo geo through out. Sega had some early rpgs that were good but the snes eventually stole that crown thanks to square enix.

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