Please help me figure out this game...

Mar 2013
Hi! I have been looking for this game for years, and I cannot figure out what it is. It was a computer game - large floppy disk - for maybe the Apple II or Commadore 64. My aunt had the computer, so I can't remember (I was, maybe 7-9 at the time). We used to play it at the same time as Face Maker.

The game was timed, and you were supposed to get to a certain location before the time ran out. You could drive there, walk there, or maybe even ride a train (that I can't remember). The screen was a very basic map of a city/town and I believe there were other locations (like a park?). All I remember is the map with square houses and other city buildings. When you walked, I think the screen changed to something else (a moving figure and/or a moving street?)

It was very basic and simple. Does anyone know what the game might be? I will be very grateful for your help.