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Anyone else playing this? I hate to admit but I got caught up in this game. The servers can still be crappy and I actually have to go to places to catch pokemon (probably why I'm still at level 4 :lol) but I'm enjoying it for the most part.

On top of that, this game has brought Nintendo stock back up to earnings it hasn't seen since the '80's. Even if you don't play it, this could be a turning point for Nintendo. Will they keep making consoles after the NX? Will they keep the games on their NX platform that is also supposedly a mobile device?

This is kind of an exciting time if you think about it.
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I don't care much for pokemon but if it'll push Nintendo forward I'm all for it. I've heard about this game so much I'll put it on my phone and probably screw around with it at work when I travel.

I am concerned, Nintendo is, like they always do, completely dropping the ball with online multiplayer. The king of couch coop and party games can't manage to connect two or more people if they're not in the same room, and really don't seem to care that much. Some of the media for pokemon go did allude to some multiplayer so if Nintendo hurries and gets this working where we can battle and trade each other it'll be a monumental success, if not it'll have its 15 minutes of fame like most of the other android game fads.
Maybe. It does have Gym Battles, so that is helping keep this from being a fad right now but it can still end up a fad anyways.

Yeah, online multiplayer is the biggest request but I can also see why they wouldn't want to do it. It's not meant to be a full fledged Pokemon game. So if they do decide to do that, it might be on a proper Pokemon mobile game that they would sell upfront rather than a Free to Play model like GO is.
The video game consumers in my house are 35, 6, and 9. All three of us spends more on the free to play crap than anything else. My league of legends and hearthstone spending is in the hundreds each. My daughter has $5.00 ered me to death on the game de jour. My son has been the exception as of late with stuff like pvz gw and gw2 and before that splatoon but during his crossy roads phase I bought him a fire tv to play it in his room, a t-shirt, and a crap ton of in game stuff.

As die hard as Nintendo fans are and as infectious as main titles can be their free games could easily cost the average consumer hundreds over the life of the title.
targetrasp said:
As die hard as Nintendo fans are and as infectious as main titles can be their free games could easily cost the average consumer hundreds over the life of the title.
Right, but the question is, will Nintendo continue to be stubborn or actually take advantage of this? I guess we'll see.
I'm going with stubborn if E3 is any indication.... Nintendo looks to be putting most of their chips into the new Zelda (which looks awesome) but no major NX revelation to speak of and nothing sweet pending on the multiplayer horizon.

Both the NX and Zelda will be a launch day purchase for me I just want to see Nintendo thrive. I've purchased more for my PS4 since Christmas than I've purchase for my wii u since launch.
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I really enjoy it. I just wish my work schedule wasn't such a roadblock. My friends go to the popular places on Saturdays and Sundays but I'm always working. So I am still only level 8 and my best Pokemon are a Venomoth and Pidgeot while my wife has a Dragonite.
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Boy, Pokemon Go seemed to die off quick, huh? I hardly hear anything about it anymore. Is it because once you caught them, there wasn't a lot to do with them? Seems like such a shame...it had a lot of potential.
It is so ironic to read all of your comments now in 2018 :D Does anybody still play Pokemon GO? Dude..., you should come visit the town I am currently living in. People are playing Pokemon Go like crazy! Why? and the answer is simple, Nintendo keeps updating the game's content all the time! Not to mention raids and ex-raids, new pokemon generations and legendary, lucky and shiny pokemons! Monthly community day gathers around all the players and they walk around city center in groups. And Nintendo wasn't stubborn after all. They connected all the players by creating a friend list where you can exchange your trainer codes with other players and add them as friends into your pokemon profile. As far as I heard, they are not stopping with that. Boy, Pokemon Go is very exciting and more fun than ever. I personally stopped playing only during two winters back in 2016 and 2017 but both times I returned back and this year with many extra features put in the game I think I am not going to stop playing at all. If you're not playing anymore, you should definitely give it another try and check out the new version of Pokemon GO, you might not wanna quit this time! Anyway...me?I've gotta catch them all! :D
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