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That's awesome! I'm still not there yet. I live in the bay area of California and its stupid expensive. So I have to save a little more before I get a house.

As for the PSP, digital games for it are pretty cheap so I'm taking advantage of playing games I haven't had a chance to.
I have been making a list of my retro games, for all systems. I have around 150 for my Genesis. A lot more than any other system that I own. I never realized how much I liked and played that thing. The lists are coming in handy. I don't want to purchase a game I already have.

It also was my first console.
The genesis marked the first time I stepped out on Nintendo. It never got quite as much love as my Nintendo and Super Nintendo but we had some good times.

Cool thing about the Genesis now is the games for it are cheaper. Collectors haven't hit it as hard as Nintendo so when you find stuff for it its more reasonable. I had a huge collection but by my mid 20's I'd decided I was done collecting and sold the farm. 10 years later my kids are the age I was when I became interested in video games and they've kickstarted the habit again. I'm trying to find stuff the hard way by going to goodwill, yard sales, flea markets, independent game shops, and staying away from eBay so the kids have that treasure hunt experience and so I can justify spending so much of my entertainment budget on games. A lot of the independent game stores don't buy too many of the genesis games because they all say they don't sale. What they do buy and sell are the really expensive items but that's rare to find. My genesis collection is really hurting because of this, but at the same time when I find Sega games its really exciting and a lot of times don't cost much (unless its at a game shop).
Since I live in a smaller place now, I've been trying to figure out ways to get my retro gaming fix. I think I might have to settle for handhelds and purchasing the digital versions of old games so that I may actually be able to play them. I have no room for any type of CRT at the moment and I don't feel like emulating them on my PC.

I did just pick up a PSOne screen so that helps me play those games properly. I'm going to see if I can hook up other game systems to it and if that works out then I might be set.
I guess the horror side of retro gaming is the storage issue. I know that issue personally. The most storage friendly retro system is the Turbo Grafx 16/PC Engine system. It helps to just limit yourself to only your most favorite games, which is difficult in itself sometimes. (It is hard for me to pass by a game cart which is only a couple of dollars.) Of the portable handhelds the DS, 3DS, and the Vita game cards are even better plus the digital downloads make them great choices.
I know when gaming systems actually do go digital the storage problem will be solved. Or at the very least changed. It then will become "not having enough" memory issue. ::D

I have the "Interact PS one" LCD screen with my PC Engine and all of the games in a small plastic box. Easy to carry around and store. Works well together.
Storage is an issue, but every time I've sold off collections to make room (or money) I find myself cussing myself down the road. I couldn't start to list off the SNES RPGs I had complete in box that I paid retail for when new and sold for a few dollars more than I paid (Earthbound, FF3, and Secret of Evermore a good bit higher) but none much over $100.00. Now if I had that collection along with all the games, consoles, arcade machines, and comic books, I sold off I could at least buy a new car out right, and in another 20 - 30 years I would have had something significant to leave my children.

I'll keep buying physical copies and keeping all the boxes, books, cases, etc. Just like Retro I also can't turn down a game under a buck or two. On the buy two get on free sales I usually spend a few hundred dollars on 60 - 80 games. Same at flea markets, yardsales, etc. anything cheap is mine. I'll end up having to build a library in my home to store everything, I've already got a room full now.
I just buy games to play. I've never looked at them as an investment. I've kept everything and put them in a proper storage unit so that the weather doesn't damage them. I can never part with them unless I was completely strapped for cash and it was a last option.

Which is why digital is so awesome. I can just play and enjoy the games. I'll still be buying physical but only when I can splurge and I have a place for it.
The updates really got to me one day. I had purchased an older game for the 360. It up dated then there was another update, then another, and by the time it was through 17 mins had passed. I just wanted to put the game in to try it out. :huh
I have watched the 1st season of Dark Matter that they have up on Netflix. I really like the series and I am hoping that they continue and not cancel. The reason I say that is that there seems to be some shadows of FireFly in the show. Or at least some elements that closely resembles it. I really liked FireFly and to this day I cannot understand why they cancelled that series. maybe the timing was just not right. Hopefully Dark Matter will work. If not I hope Netfix picks it up. I need a good Sci Fi series right about now. TV has been without one for too long.
Wow! The moth balls fell out and rolled across the floor when I pulled up this thread.

I did something really crazy this past week. I have been in the market for mattresses for my Family throughout May. It is so long overdue. We have been getting up out of bed each morning feeling like we have been beaten with a bag of rocks. Mattress hunting can be so frustrating. This time I had the internet to aide and assist me in my venture. Yeah it has been that long. I did a lot of research, laying on stuff in stores (awkward), reading reviews, etc. Then I ran upon a new concept in mattresses. Started investigating and finally bit the bullet. I ordered a mattress from a net store called tuft & needle. (Best decision I have made in a long time). Their mattresses come in a 16X16X44 inch box. The mattress has been compressed and vacuum packed in a bag, folded and rolled up. It is a foam mattress. Break that seal and it is over with. That mattress is going to return to its original size. If you can imagine, my Family had fun with this. It doesn't exactly go as smooth as their videos. At least we did have it on the bed. It is the best mattress that my Wife and I have ever slept on. My Daughter's mattress arrives tomorrow. We have a 100 day trial period. If we don't like it within that period the company will work with us in contacting a local Goodwill or Salvation Army. When we have the receipt in hand, we scan it to them and we get refunded.

Honest this is not spam!! Don't report me to a Moderator! I don't want to get banned!

This mattress is the number one selling mattress on Amazon and is highly rated by Consumer Report.

I have been sleeping so good this week.
They've been advertising heavily these past few months. I'm definitely going to look into them when I'm ready to get a new mattress.

There's also Casper mattresses that are online only and have a similar return policy (they've also been around longer from what i can tell). I don't see the point of buying mattresses in a retail store anymore.
This has changed my whole thinking in mattress shopping. What I had come to accept over the years has been totally blown away and thrown out the window. When you get a mattress in a box like that it is so easy to get it where you need it. No more struggle around tight corners.
I finally finished up my master's degree about a month ago so I have time to do stuff again! I'll be traveling a lot for work in the coming months so I decided to get a 3DS to keep me entertained on those trips.

Been to a lot of concerts lately: Garth Brooks, 3 Doors Down, Matt Nathanson with Philip Philips, Dan + Shay, Parmalee, Kip Winger, and a few others. Vegas is never lacking good concerts haha. Trying to decide if I should see Sublime with Rome tonight...seen them before and they want $50 tonight so I'll probably pass this time.

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