Post it, It Post, post all you can #2

Handhelds ebb and flow for me too. I couldn't put Zelda a Link Between Worlds down until I beat it and went straight then switched to Advanced Wars on the DS. Afterward I bought about 15 games between the advance, ds, and 3ds and haven't even unwrapped the new ones. My gaming PC reached end of life so I'm on some recycled piece of crap I cobbled together for <$150 until I feel like putting two months mortgage into a pc again, so pc gaming has fallen off as well. My recent kick has been ps1 and ps2.
retro junkie said:
BOOM!! My Super Christmas present! Wife got me a Super Famicom this year!

Been playing my Super Famicom games on my Supaboy. Now I get to do it on the real thing.
The SNES is a pretty cool looking system but I always loved how the Super Famicom looked, awesome get! :D
I remember really wanting to get one but I ended up just cutting the plastic tabs in my SNES and calling it a day.
I've adopted a new policy about movies...

instead of going to the theater i'll preorder the 4k and / or 3d versions or any available special edition. Even if its just me and the kids the trip to the movies cost 50 - 80 bucks while the new movie is half that. You've just got to be super patient and let yourself get behind so you're constantly seeing something new to you without having to blow all that money. Some of those special editions become expensive and I'd be willing to bet 3d's low production runs will make them collectable at some point in time.

I will admit missing the theater experience but the way my city is growing theaters are being demolished and turned into open air malls, breweries, and hipster shops, so the handful of theaters left open are crowded and painful to deal with so it wasn't a difficult decision.
I will occasionally see a movie for the social aspect, despite the cost. It is not like I spend a lot of time at home to watch movies! But I also generally pay for myself and maybe my girlfriend opposed to paying for a family to go see a movie!
what, and WHAT?

The first one was fantastic but had an element of surprise (a really awesome comic book moving coming from a long forgotten failure of a series) so I expected the sophomore slump (still preordered it, I mean dang I found some entertainment in Suicide Squad despite Will Smith's best efforts to ruin it).

Is this power rangers love coming from nostalgia or did the movie actually benefit from a bit of writing and some production value?

I was just starting to age out of that kind of stuff when power rangers got popular in the 90's but I know I'd enjoy the crap out of it if they'd throw in a little more grit, and a little (just a little) less cheese... I'm cautiously optimistic but hopeful!
Ok so I did watch Power Rangers as a kid, but it's been so long that I don't know that I would 100% attribute it to nostalgia. I mean, there are some fun throw backs that I won't spoil (unless you want me to) but if you have never in your life watched Power Rangers, I think it's still pretty great and accessible. It really boils down to a "the power of friendship" kind of thing. If you have ever enjoyed that trope, you'll enjoy Power Rangers. If you like cool action scenes, you'll like Power Rangers.

As far as Guardians of the Galaxy 2, it's just...I laughed and cried. I can't say much without spoiling that either but it was full of the usual humor but there was also some really touching parts.
I definitely watched power rangers with my kid sister

and I'm so glad to hear good things about Guardians

I've refused to read online reviews since the red wedding got spoiled for me so I go into these things completely blind! I'll have both
I've watched Baby Driver and Atomic Blonde in the last two weeks. Both were solid.

Also, went to the drive-in last month for the first time in like 10 years haha. Watched The House (Will Ferrell/Amy Poehler) and the new Transformers. Makes for a semi-cheap date night.

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