Post it, It Post, post all you can #2

mastermario said:
I've watched Baby Driver and Atomic Blonde in the last two weeks. Both were solid.

Also, went to the drive-in last month for the first time in like 10 years haha. Watched The House (Will Ferrell/Amy Poehler) and the new Transformers. Makes for a semi-cheap date night.
Oh man I really liked Baby Driver. I ended up seeing it twice :D

In the last week I ended up finally watching Wonder Woman, War for The Planet of The Apes, Kiki's Delivery's Service, and Baby Driver and all were good. I'm surprised at how solid Wonder Woman was considering DC's track record. Although I guess they are coming off of the Academy Award winning Suicide Squad :-X
Well I am finally home for the weekend. This town has gone mad. We are the focal point of the eclipse. The only thing I will do this weekend is attend the local Comic Con with my Daughter tomorrow. They have titled it Eclipse Con. I will be going as the Punisher.
Asheville has gone insane and we're just north of full eclipse. A month ago I tripled our standard room rate and set a three night minimum and have still managed to sell out the hotel I work at. Not too far from us parts of the blue ridge parkway are being closed down for private events and guest are telling me of places asking over $1,000 for a place to park so they can stare at the sun. There's even a decently known band taking up 10% of the hotel for the weekend. I can hardly make the left hand turn out of the hotel to go home already, I can't imagine traffic come Sunday, Monday.
What has taken place over the last month? This town is bending over backwards trying to dress itself up for the coming invasion of people over this eclipse. I am not sure what they think it will accomplish. (Tourist and visitors returning?) Local Hotels in town and the surrounding area have more than tripled their prices. (And they have sold out on that weekend!!) So many eating places have opened up. New businesses are being built on empty lots, rushing to get done before the deadline. People are renting out spots to people so they will have a place to stand and watch the event. NASA is sending an Astronaut to the local college to observe the eclipse. (The town of Kelly is having their "Little Green Men" day festival on that weekend.) Roads are being repaved or lines repainted. (The company I work for will be closed, schools closed, and some various other businesses.) There are a group of women in the wee hours of the morning that have been hanging baskets of flowers in the middle of town and working on all the shrubs along the streets. In front of the Mall and Walmart, the road out on the Boulevard, has been altered, adding lanes, and adjusted to relieving any excess traffic congestion. The whole town is going through a makeover. The point is, even though we will reap the long term benefits, it is not being done for us. (Admit some things have been much needed for a long time.)
There are some who are looking at this thing from a realistic approach. There is a consideration for the possibility of the need for disaster relief. Lets face it, when there is an expectation of 100,000 to 500,000 people to filter through Hopkinsville on that weekend, there could be gasoline and food shortages. Long lines at the pumps and empty store shelves, a potential for bad problems. Anyone who has lived in this area knows how difficult it is to get though traffic in this small town. (And they have closed down the main street in the middle of town to have a festival for three days. With vender's opening booths.) Add all those extra people driving in and you will even have a disruption in the delivery of supplies to local businesses. Not going to mention the possibility of all the trash that will take advantage of the situation, you know drugs, etc. There will be law enforcement problems I am sure. All for two minutes and forty seconds.
:lol The funny thing about this whole thing was that people are smarter than we give them credit. This town was hoping for the crowds to pour in on a Friday and spend like crazy through the weekend, everybody making their millions. They even told the locals to stay home. :lol What actually happened was that 75% of the crowds came in on Monday morning, enjoyed the eclipse and then headed out. Traffic was at a standstill on the interstates bumper to bumper for hours because of this. Surprisingly, it seemed like, the locals did stay home. The main drag, that has all of our shopping and eats, were on the opposite side of town from the main focus of the crowds to watch the eclipse. It was like one of those movies where everyone has disappeared, totally empty. My daughter and I had a clear path to and from the Comic Con on that Saturday, totally unheard of in this town for a Saturday. By Sunday they were begging people on social media, etc, to go out and support vendors that were set up on that main drag. :lol They had in the middle of town the Summer Festival happening that mainly attracted the crowds with a stage and singing, food booths, etc, through the weekend. They claimed we had around 140,000 people that made their way in and out. Not sure how they came to those conclusions. I think in the towns planning for all this there was a little bit of exaggerated hysteria and imagination. Everything went smoother than planned.

As for me and my Family, we only ventured out for the Comic Con which we enjoyed very much. Spent a little time and money, took some photos. On the day of the eclipse I set up my chair in the driveway. Placed my video camera on the trunk of my car to video tape myself before, during, and out of the eclipse. My wife and daughter stayed inside because they didn't want to hurt their eyes. Once in a life time event and they watch from the window? It was awesome, enjoyed it. And I still have my eyes. :lol :rockin
we ended up filling up Thursday, Friday, Saturday, sunday, and surprisingly Monday. Word got out about the traffic so many hung around. There was more people in town but August is the end of the summer tourist season so the town was able to handle to extra no problem.
Any of ya'll affected by the hurricane? That was some crazy stuff. I work for an airline and we had to ferry all of our aircraft out of Florida prior to the storm and we're still having problems getting things back to normal.
Sinus beat me to the point of death since Sunday. Today was the first day that I felt like I would live. From what I am hearing it did this to most in the hurricane path. But the main force of it all fizzled out before it got to me with only rain.
Good to hear. Allergies have been kicking up for me as well...I think I've about kicked it so long as it doesn't flare up again.

Been working on getting my private pilot's license for the last 10 months or so. Almost done with it; have my test scheduled for December 2nd. Lots of studying to be had yet, but hopefully I can get this out of the way and have some fun flying around. :)

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