Post your desktop.

Just post a pic of your destop here.  :D

Press the button "Prnt Scrn" which is located right above your "Insert" key, which is above the arrow keys. Then after you've press the button, open up "Paint"


Then press "Ctrl+V" and the image should paste itself onto the board.

Then save the image, that's easy to do so no need to explain that. Then your done, now you just got to upload it to the Internet. I used Walagata, its free and gives you 1mb of space. Or you can use Imageark.

This little tutorial was for the people that dont know how to do this.

Well here's my desktop.
trkorecky said:
How'd you get the cool Windows skin?
"WindowBlinds is a program that enables users to safely add thousands of new visual styles to Windows to change the look and feel of your computer.
It is the only program of its kind used and certified by Microsoft." -Stardock

You can try a free trial for it on there products page and see if you like it or not. Here's the URL--->WindowBlinds.

So what do you guys think of my desktop? Wallpaper? Icons? Fill me in!  :D
I think the skin's cool. I've tried WindowBlinds before, but I couldn't find any good themes at the time, and it seemed to me to be more of a resource hog than anything.
Yeah I know what you mean, when I first got Windowblinds I couldn't find any good skins and I felt like I installed a useless program on my PC, just more junk to pile up. I rarely use it anyways, I just started back using when I found this skin, plus it went real good with my wallpaper. ;)

Btw, I change my wallpaper every week on Sunday. :D

Nothing fancy at all. I have everything stored into nice, oraganized folders. "Link's Room" Is where all my gaming stuff goes. "Notebook" Is all my writing, "Jukebox" Is all my music... you get the idea.

I don't have any idea how to change my icons into custom crap, if any one could help me with that I would thank them with a cookie.
You can either download icons off the net, or make them yourself in some sort of imaging program. Then just right-click -> properties -> change icon... and find where on your computer it's stored.

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