Post your desktop.


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May 2004
Just got done customizing my XP theme. I felt a bit out-of-date for still having XP so I went and made a custom theme. It's a pure .msstyles theme; that is, it imports just fine into XP and doesn't need a crappy program (ala WindowBlinds).

I run a dual-monitor setup nowadays, but I cut the second monitor out of the pic as it really wasn't needed. It was just a second wallpaper.

I love how the Start button turned out.
o-o that is such an awesome desktop is that a necromorph?

I would post my desktop but i would get banned :p.

Actually question is ecchi aloud on this site? because that's what my desktop is would i get in trouble if i posted it?


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Jun 2004
My current desktop wallpaper is a new work from called Inner Workings:

My only lament is that my desktop shows that a) I need to upgrade to a widescreen 1920x1080 monitor instead of my old 5:4 1280x1024 resolution and b) I need to upgrade my OS from Windows XP Professional to Windows 7.