Post your desktop

SCYTHE said:
i know its a c()d3|2  whaddaya expect  :p
You got tons of icon on your desktop there Scythe! I dont even know how you can find anything cause I would be lost if my computer looked like that.  :-\

Also, I didn't know you play Need For Speed Underground, do you play online?

tmaxxer said:
nice and clean, but I hide shortcuts in folders...
Tmaxxer, your wallpaper is funny to me!  :lol And you got alot of icons in your system tray.

pliknon said:
We don't have one of these so here you go... here's mine
Chris you still got all of those games too!  :lol goes my desktop from my 486 since my other computer died on me.
yeah i play nfs once in awhile......thats nothing......i had to put half of those files in a folder after downing the resolution hehe
most of em are pieces of code that i could organize but in that time i could make better least thats how i think of it.....some are games.....and some are maps i've made for the HL engine


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May 2004
CRAP! All of your icons.... I have at most 6-8 icons on the desktop

AND I'd say only 7-10 in the system tray... NOTHING in the status bar (to the right of start)
dang people!

Just remember, keep the links clean. Everything has been great so far!

†B†V† :hat
May 2004
I have 5 icons in my status bar... AIM, HotSync, internet filter (parents put it up :hat), ZoneAlarm, and the sound card. ^^
Chris, how did you change the color of the Windows XP bar from blue to that darker blue?
OK...I'll just tell you about mine...Everyone know that Pink Floyd poster with the nekkid body painted chicks sitting with thier backs facing out. And they all have the different Floyd albums painted on thier backs??? Thats my desktop. The rest some of you wouldn't recognize, my icons and all that...Mac stuff. It's a Mac thing..u wouldn't understand. :lol

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