Postal 2

I bought that game when it went on sale because a few of my friends purchased it as well. It seems cool but I've not started it yet since I've put almost 70 hours into divinity since then. It seems like you finished it fairly quickly, is it short or was it just that good that you played it so much?
Jun 2004
Both! I recall the first Portal was short enough that I beat the main game in two game sessions. Portal 2 was short enough to beat in a handful of sessions. The storyline is wonderful. I cannot praise that game enough. It is an experience.

The ending is epic and really brings back those days of wanting to play the game to see the ending. It was beyond all expectations, which is saying a lot since my expectations were high.

I have not finished the co-op game as of yet. I tried playing it with Blue Voodu a few times. Renee gets nauseous if she tries to play it co-op with me. ::D
Jun 2004
Ha haha ha....

I think that I replied when half asleep. I must have clicked on the thread and misread Postal as Portal through very sleepy eyes...!

Anyway.. Postal is fun.. Old school Half-life style graphics, gratuitous violence, and an overall sandbox feel with a few tasks each day. I definitely preferred the "Week in Paradise" campaign over the weekend campaign.
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