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Bluevoodu said:
strange... I'm still using my 60GB.

How did your systems die?

BV :hat
On both of them the bluray drives went out. The price they quoted me (not even including parts they had to replace, this was just to look at it) was almost half of what another system would cost >.>
Hello. I'm new to both ega and psn. So I'm looking for pointers and such. My psn id is jr_mcg and I'm gonna use this list and send a few friend requests to help me get started. Thanks, everyone
ThravRande said:
Icy, do you play BC2?
Well, I have it for PC, and I played it up until BF3 released.
I do have 1943 for the PS3, though. It's pretty fun. Gives me the BF1942 nostalgia. :)

Who knows, since you only have a PS3 now, I might just grab BC2 at some point to play with you.
Mai Valentine said:
I am not on my PS3 all that often so I might not accept friend requests right away. If that happens, know that it's not personal, I just haven't been on. :lol
Same here. Actually, I haven't booted it up since I've moved 6 months ago. I'll try to make a better effort to boot it up. Maybe this weekend and I can add you all.

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