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:lol I'm digging the device! It is pretty sexy. You can message all your PSN contacts... PSN seperates the trophies for PS3 and the Vita... YET still combines them on your profile and your "gamer score." The Vita games are noted as such... as are the PS3 games, but both systems are fully integrated into your list.

THe only downside is the game library so far. I really hope the device takes off... but I have doubts that it will. It kills the PSP and all variants... there is NO comparison. As long as the library improves, I do not see how this device won't take off.

Any other Vita owners here as of late? Thoughts?

Post it up!
BV :hat
Got it during black friday on Amazon. Really digging it as well, mostly picked it up for DJ Max Technika but having loads of fun with Playstation all stars, haven't really touched my 3DS since :lol
Jun 2004
From the rumors I have heard regarding the PS4, the Vita will be used kinda like the controller with the screen for the Wii U. Someone with a Vita will potentially be able to stream all content from the PS4 to the Vita.
I love my Vita. I have pretty much all games downloaded and retail, haha so I'm hoping the library gets better as well. But now I have even more of a reason to keep it (not like I'd ever consider selling it) because of the PS4 functionality.


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Grindspine said:
HA... Renee wants one since Castlevania: Dracula X Chronicles can be downloaded to it via PSN.
Renee ended up telling me, "we need to go buy a PSP," the weekend after Thanksgiving since she decided to pull the trigger on a UMD copy of Castlevania: Dracula X Chronicles. The good thing is that I was able to score a PSP 3000 for only $89!

The PSP itself seems solid, as does the one game I have for it so far, but I am disappointed in the lack of applications for remote play with the PS3. Apparently, remote play will be more strongly implimented in the Vita and PS4. Any thoughts on that?
I think it doesn't matter how good a handheld if it doesn't say nintendo on it it doesn't live long. The psp was awesome and I've had a blast with mine but the system seemed to have got dropped for the vita and as cool as the vita is it just doesn't seem like it's going to do much.

I still use my psp and love it. When you can find them, the games are pretty cheap and there's a sizeable library.
I was gaming on my PSP right before I picked up the vita. Games I was playing were,
Ridge Racer
Tekken: Dark Resurrection
Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Heroes

I am gearing up to be playing Y's, Dragon Crown, Dead or Alive 5+, and Gravity Rush in a few weeks on the vita. I will be taking a vacation then and it will be my gaming recreation.
I've gone sony this generation but until just now have completely ignored the vita. I've about sold myself on the playstation tv and was considering getting the vita since there's a lot of synergy there. I know with the playstation tv I can remotely play ps4 games and play my vita library sans the ones that rely heavily on touch control. I'm thinking that's probably a minority, which would render the purchase of a vita nonessential (but I'll probably do it anyway).

Is there a lot of games that wouldn't play well on ps tv? Or more importantly, are there games that I'd want to play that touch heavy, meaning it'd not work well on ps tv? I'm sure those games exist but I'm guessing the vita is kinda like the 3ds in that the touch screen gets you around the operating system much faster than using the buttons but the games I play hardly utilize touch.
Actually I only know one person that recently got the PlayStation TV. He was very disappointed in the games that were not compatible. There was one, he had, that did not allow online play, which he was looking forward to, it did have it on the vita. Thinking of the games that I have, Rayman Legends immediately comes to mind. There would be no way of playing that game on the PS TV. That one relies heavily at certain points on the touch screen. I only have 15 purchased games, tangible case & cart. Two RPGs, three fighters, 2 beat'em ups. I'm not sure how to classify Soul Sacrifice or Ragnarok Odyssey. Two action adventure and then there is Gravity Rush, I am thinking that there might be some touch stuff in that one. My one racer, Wipeout 2048, which is not on any list of compatibility. My "Jak & Daxter Collection" is also not compatible. So.... out of the 15 games, that I have, almost two thirds are compatible. There is a lot of downloadable games that are compatible, which are purchased online. The system comes with an 8g card, but a much larger card would probably be needed. that adds to the initial cost. My friend uses the same card that he has for the vita, 64g. There is plenty of content available to give a good variety of things to play. Your talking about PSP, PS1, some retro Neo Geo, Indi gaming other than the vita only. (recommend "gun slugs") The "Free to Play" which you need to purchase things later in the game irritate me, I delete.

Looking at lists of compatible games on the net, I notice, one RPG I have, that Y's is not on any lists. Another game I have is not on the list is Soul Sacrifice. Of those games that are, there seems to be the need to download the latest update to insure compatibility. There is the "promise," which comes up on the screen, of future firmware updates to give compatibility to those games that are presently not. I am sure that those games that take advantage of the vita's capabilities will be the ones that offer the challenge of converting to "TV play." Those games might be somewhat disappointing if part of the enjoyment of playing were those features.

It seems conflicting to throw out there a portable system with all those capabilities and then offer TV play for its games and take away those advantages. Not sure what Sony is thinking. Are they wanting a cheap appealing home gaming system? Testing the market? It would be great if they would have made the vita like the Wii U controller. It would compliment the PS TV well and maybe solve the gaming compatibility issue.
smoking over the list I found a few games that surprised me wasn't compatible. Having originally written the vita off I don't think there's a lot that I'll long for but I'm sure there's one or two that'll encourage me to purchase a vita. I'm really just not digging the touch controls on games, those single serving phone / tablet games where you play for 10 minutes while you're waiting on something or just killing a few minutes before falling asleep touch works fine, but for a major console touch adds very little. I love my wii u and my 3ds but I use the touchpad sparingly. Mostly its how I navigate menus and the os.
I am surprised at myself on how I perceive the vita. I look at it as a multimedia device. I caught myself off guard in liking online play with others. I never took to that type gaming before. I seem to take advantage of the online gaming & some of the apps like youtube, facebook. (they are losing youtube support) Have surfed the net some, looked at this site, and did a few posts on here from my vita. I seem to like the "Live from PlayStation" app. I can watch people play games from there which has helped me to decide on a few games. (And it amazes me on how many people just sit in front of their PS4 camera enduring the verbal abuse of creepy people.)

And I do like my 3DS also as a dedicated gaming machine. Both systems have their own unique feel to them that I enjoy. But like you, when I get involved with a game that requires spending time, I want traditional gameplay.

I have had some awesome gaming experiences with "Ragnatok Odyssey" and online play. With four people together, that is where the fun is on that game.

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